It appears WalMart is trying to keep customer from getting online prices while at the store or on their mobile device.

I was at home and wanting to buy Turbo Tax. Web site says, site to store and pickup today for $42.97. Go to store and it is $49.99 on the shelf. So I pick up my mobile phone and try to order it Site to Store for 42.97, but no matter what I try, it forces me to the mobile site that says, Site to Store with the earliest pickup 2 weeks away. I go home and order it Site to Store with pickup today.

So basically WalMart is trying to find a way to block you getting online prices while at the store eventhough if I would have ordered it five minutes earlier from home, I would have picked it up at the store.

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I am completely satisfied with site to store and I have purchased several items, some big and some small. They do what they say they will do.

It's a smooth process. I don't work for Walmart and have no affiliation with them, just a shopper.

They generally go out of their way to help me. They are folks just like us, trying to earn a living, they aren't doormats.


LOL, this has to be the most ridiculous thing I've heard all week.


you're on crack. I'm sure the site just wasn't working right at the time, they aren't able to keep you from getting online prices while you're in the store.

next time, call to find out the price.

and if it's higher in store, buy online or do a price match. ***.


Then why didn't you just order it from home?!?

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