Princeton, New Jersey
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For the second year in a row I used Walmart's site to store shipping option to save money on having items shipped to my house for Christmas. Perfect solution right... save money, no long store lines; just order online and go pick up my stuff. Not!

Last year one of the items I ordered showed that it was delivered to the store but the store didn't have it. So about 3 days before Christmas I'm standing in line to get another gift for my daughter. This year two items, one was her major gift, never showed that they were delivered to the store. I ordered on 11/29/10 and checked just about daily through 12/17. On 12/17 I picked up what was delivered and asked about the remaining 2 items. The lovely associate told me to just try back in a couple days or cancel the order and go get them myself. So here I am yesterday 12/20 online to check the status and those two items say RETURNED. Returned? How were they returned when they never arrived at the store? I had previously emailed customer service only to get a automatic response about shipping times for site to store. I emailed again yesterday and so far, nothing. Needless to say I won't bother again with Site to Store. This morning I went to KMart. And... the same items were cheaper.

Save your time and don't bother with Site to Store. It's too good to be true.

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