My son works for Wal-Mart and due to being a minor, he gets his paycheck on a debt card from Wal-Mart. It won't work correctly at other stores and held his money for a week until it cleared the problem and it was from the Wal-Mart accounting department. I guess as they said you should have used your card at the Murphy gas station. I guess this is slave labor as you work for the company store.

I will turn them over to the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) as this is considered a hate crime for not letting a child get his money and make sure he spends it with Wal-Mart. I left the Indian Reservation due to they want the same thing from Native Americans stay on the reservation so they can collect monies for each Indian that will stay and let them run their lives. But at least, when they gave you your rations, you could use the money at any store even the liquor store off the reservation, which I didn't do.

This is the worst company I have seen go directly downhill. I know as I have family that worked for Mr. Walton before he died. He made many of his employees millionaires and didn't say to them you must spend your money at my store. They just wanted to because he cared about his employees as they are your first line of customer service and when you are treated as the most recent employees, Dollar General will shut them down. Although, they think they can't be touched. Beware what goes around as Main Street goes around and Dollar General is taking more and more of Wal-Mart's money everyday even in the rural areas.

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Wow, this isn't a hate crime. When he started, he had the option of how to receive his paycheck. He probably picked the card because Wallyworld promotes it so much, saying "you money is available instantly."

If he has a card, use the bank INSIDE THE WALMART to withdraw cash and just use that everywhere. Cash is accepted everywhere.

And Dollar General? What do you Indians learn on that reservation?


If you don't like the conditions at WalMart, then tell the kid to quit. You do NOT have a right to a job, anywhere.

You should be glad he was hired.

I do not hire Indians, no way, no how. I am surprised WalMart puts up with nonsense like this.


lol!! Dollar General will shut down WalMart??

Are you *** serious, or out of your mind?? FYI....all WalMart employess get their pay on debit cards, not only indians and minors. Your son had a problem which sounds like they fixed. It is not required to spend your check at the store.

You can use any ATM to withdraw your paycheck out of your account. This is nowhere near a hate crime...you sound like an ***!

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