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Detroit Lakes, MN This is not the first time and well both my self and my wife are way beyond peed off over this one. After an appointment with either of our doctors When were prescribed medications.

It seems to take them hours to make them and have them ready! For my wife They claim she isn't picking up her medications after her doctor has sent them over via computer. She has numerous times gotten partial medication fills that is suppose to be covered by insurance one time charged full price for them out of pocket. They report back to her doctor she isn't picking up her meds!

I go with my wife every time to Walmart. Their excuse is they never gotten any thing or they will be ready in 1 hour. To be honest that 1 hour turns into 2 hours or more when were waiting they tell us they aint there. So why all these *** excuses?

Im sick of it already. while other people are getting theirs in minutes. I'm so beyond how they treat their employees and customers. I and my wife have used Walmart pharmacy for 3 yrs or more.

Since CVS has just opened up here we have switch their instead of Walmart, Why? beyond tired of the bull ***...

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Claim.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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This happened to my mother as well In Greenville Michigan. Actually is happened several times, one time taking a week to fill an order.

They claimed the doctor was not calling the meds in when she actually saw him do it. She finally just changed pharmacies.


This is the manager from the store you usually shop at. Please accept my sincere apologies. As a gesture of customer service, stop by the customer service desk and we will give you a plastic bag big enough to fit around your head.


You don't like people disagreeing with you than get off this site. Seriously with thr response you just wrote maybe you do have a drinking problem.


Really! Hmm 2 hours later vs 10-15 minutes where i have transferred my medications my medications.

But to implicate things about people you do not know makes you look rather ***! for one thing i do not drink lady. Never have and never will! Have a bud on me if you wanna troll other wise take your flaming to liveleak.com This is pissed consumer not flamersconsumer.com Your not a very respectful person i see and i shale not have none for you!

Good luck in your life.

and bless you too. :grin :grin :grin


These things take time. Maybe you need to be on medication as well.