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On February 9, 2010 my mother (78 years old) went to the local Wal-Mart Smart Style to get her hair done. What a mistake.

She told the Manager, Debbie that she wanted a color and cut. The color was 44.95 and the cut was an additional 17.95. Then said mananger asked if she wanted highlights. My moms previous stylist had done 2 colors and did not charge extra.

She did not know that it was extra so she said sure why not. At that point you would think the MANAGER would tell her it was an additional $49.95....five dollars more than the first color but she said nothing. At the end she charged her $113.85 for a job which my 14 year old granddaughter could have done. The color was awful and uneven.

The cut was miserable at best. I went to the store to confront her and she blew me off saying she was not willing to do anything to help me. I have called the corporate complaint line 3 times. Each time they promise to call back in 30 minutes.

No call backs. Not to wonder. Seems corporate is as miserable as their shops/managers.


Monetary Loss: $113.

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This should have a two way street. When they asked your mother if she wanted highlights, the normal thing to do is ask how much more it will be.

No one just says yes without checking the price.

Also, Smart Style is not associated with Wal-mart.

to Cheney #675031

I don't agree I worked with the manager at smart style for years . she does rip people off as far as even riping her employees off.practacly riping products out of their hands ect.we hafto let you no how much it will be before we do the sevices and as far as their reginal manager goes Joeanne she hates coming up from Pnx to deal with any problems.She choses to ignore it.terrible to their employees and costomers.And it sounds like Debbie posted this comment above also.


Last time I went to Smart Styles at WalMart; all went well until the stylist moussed my hair--it was from the bottom of the can--yuck!

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #158642

They did not rip off your mother. Your mother did not know she was going to be charged extra.

Your mother knows how to read does she not? They have signs. She should have went with you to shop to read for her. Also contact Smart Style not Wal-mart.

Being *** and not understanding does not mean that your mother is in the right and that she is being ripped off. I think you should have gotton your 14 year old granddaughter to help you file the complaint for the correct company because both you and your mother have poor reading skills.


Rhiannon, I know that. I did contact them and in fact went to the person at smart style who handles their complaints at the top level.

She told me it was too bad and she had nothing more she could do about it.

My mother 78 years old should have been more careful. Also, the walmart manager had no response.


I don't shop at Wal mart anymore because of

Store #4425

7818 Colonial West Drive

Orlando, FL 32818 and Yolanda in Automotive !


You're complaining to the wrong company. Walmart just rents those spaces out, they don't manage them. You need to contact the Smart Style district manager to have anything done about your complaint.

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