Rochester, New Hampshire
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Trying to shop at Walmart I some times dont because of smokers, even employees are sometimes out therem, This is wrong, there is a reason PEOPLE WITH LUNG PROBLEMS DONT SMOKE, PLEASE CHANGE YOUR SMOKING AREAS OTHER THAN THE FRONT DOORS, I KNOW MY MONEY DOES NOT MEAN ALOT, SORRY,Please correct this at least in Rochester NH. I look forward to being able to enter your store without having to share smoke from other people, I am sure I am not the only one and and am sure you must have had other complaints from non smokers some with oxygen.

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I'm pretty sure everyone need oxygen to live. :zzz


Paul, you need to calm down. I know the hazards of smoking which is why I haven't even tried a cigarette in my life.

all I'm saying is you're only at the store entrance for 5 seconds, it's not like they're following you in the store to smoke near you. and the reason why people can't smoke at hospitals is because there's a lot more going on there than there is at a retail store.


"Besides - with the OP shopping at that store, the worker's smoke break is probably the only thing they look forward to during the day."

I am surprised that with people like the OP and mrslea shopping in their stores they don't have issues with abusing drugs or drinking problems.


Big fuсking deal if they are smoking a cigarette outside. It is аssholes like the OP who lobbied for laws that prevent smoking indoors.

That's why there is no more smoker's lounge in Wal-Mart and they have to stand outside. If you don't like it, hold your fuсking breath for the 3 seconds that you have to walk through the smoke.

Besides - with the OP shopping at that store, the worker's smoke break is probably the only thing they look forward to during the day.


as a coustomer who needs oxygen to live, I believe walmart or other stores could make a safe place either for me to enter the store or for smokers to kill there lungs. work places have places for smokers that keep all the other workers safe, hospitals have no smoking policy on the property. FOR A REASON!!!


the smell makes me sick to my stomach and with an attitude like you have it is obvious that you are not up to date with hazards of smoking it is not that much of a deal to smoke on the side away from people that it offends, I use to be that way untill I find that I need meds for breathing.


I agree with you. I don't like the smell of it when I walk past somebody smoking, but it is legal to smoke outside.


is it really that big of a deal if they're outside? it's not like they're directly next to you while you walk into the doors for a whole 5 seconds.

I don't agree with smoking but I'm not gonna throw a fit because a smoker is smoking on their break. it's not illegal to smoke outside.