Scranton, Pennsylvania
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Why do you not have a No Smoking policy outside the entrance and exit doors? Every time I visit one of your stores I must walk through a cloud of cigarette smoke.

I have a bad case of asthma and carry an emergency oxygen tank. The worst part is many of the offenders are WalMart emoloyees who have an enclosed outdoor smoking room. I have rarely seen anyone using it. Today I asked two of your employees if they had to smoke next to the doors.

One of them said "yes".

They were not only inconsiderate but also disrespectful to a frequent customer.

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I can see how it's inconvenient to smokers to be asked to smoke off property, or endure the weather, or night time dangers of those crazier towns out there. It would tick me off too if I was told no smoking, customers are complaining, but then there they are smoking, even if they are different people.

Have a designated, well lit and ventilated indoor or out back smoking area. Even if there is no room or funds for a remodel. Instead of a Male AND female bathroom, have 1 bathroom, and 1 smokers lounge. People finally grew up on the bathroom subject, yes?

I'm not one to go crying at some hateful words, but people forget that you don't have to make intentional physical contact with someone to hurt them. I can show people videos of serious pet abuse, I can go overkill on perfumes and colognes, I can blow a sunder horn into your ear, and there's nothing you can do, even though you may have suffered from hearing loss, asthma attacks or I made you mentally unstable due to a preexisting condition. Think of others. No one hates someone for wanting to do something, they hate them for what they've done, when where and how maybe.

No one hates you for smoking. It's for where you chose to smoke. There is always a middle. We don't go out of our way to not celebrate 4th of July with fireworks just because of pets and vets (whom we could agree gave us the freedom to celebrate that day).

This doesn't cause any outrage, reasonably so, because we don't go out of our way to involve them either. When there are simple ways to exclude involuntary participants, we should practice them with consideration for others.


People need to learn to keep their nasty habit away from everyone else. Personally I believe it is a government conspiracy to kill off people they don't want with cancer.


The same thing is happening at watertown ny, evans mills, ny and cicero ny. Why is that allowed?

Lots of people with health problems go to walmart, lots of people with babies go to walmart, why there are no signs, why is walmart so indifferent about this? Is there anything we can do?


We have this issue at my Walmart too..I have frequently put in complaints but nothing is ever done. Apparently they don't care about their customers.


If You Make A Formal Complaint On The Store For Smoking Or Other. They ALL Lose Their Quarterly Bonus Eventually They Will Get Feed Up. The Bonus Is About $500 To $1000 If They Don't Have Any Complaints

So Formally Complain And Remember The Store Number On Receipt.


Unless they are smoking in the no smoking zone which is usually nine feet of the doors unfortunately you have no case.


This is a copy of my letter to WalMart Corporate!

I Have talked to management and called the Corporate office about the 5555 20th Street, Vero Beach, FL

(772) 778-6677 Wal-Mart! I stopped going there for a long time due to the unhelpful staff and management and the smoking employees.

Yes!!! The Management is Smoking also!!!

My biggest complaint is that the Management And the Employees stand right beside the door Smoking, I as many others in this country has Asthma and this is not what anyone should have to walk through to go inside of YOUR store!

Another Perfect example: If I remember correctly, I thought you had a rule about your employee smoking 150 yards from store entrances???


I would just like to point out the Wal-Mart that I work for doesn't provide a shelter from weather for the smokers that don't have a car to smoke in. I would just like to wonder how I should be expected to uphold great customer service on the front end when I'm soaked and cold?

The hand book rule is 40 meters, however recently my stores manager made a rule that smoking will only be done in one's vehicle. So fine I'll stand in the parking lot to smoke. Sit in the ground to relax. No biggie..

but wait what if it's foreboding? Can they at least provide me with an umbrella?

Not to mention even standing in the employee portion of the parking lot, customers complain. Cos they park there as well. So the wind blows smoke towards a customer and they act as if it was blown directly.

Even funnier they put a bench out there so now customers sit and smoke.. right there...

-_- brilliant plan. A

@speedy cashier


(Also to make more sense, I don't have a vehicle. As do many if the other employees at my store who smoke)

@speedy cashier

Brilliant Plan! Stop Smoking, save the money to buy a car! Duh!

@speedy cashier



FACT: Last month, Wal-Mart placed last among department and discount stores in the American Customer Satisfaction Index, the sixth year in a row the company had either tied or taken the last spot.


I personally think you should get over it and whine about something else.

There are more smoker now than in the 30's-50's combined.

If you are having such a hard time surviving outdoors then maybe you should stay home?

I'm not even a smoker and I think this is the most pathetic thing ever.


Hey nasty_habit the smokers shouldn't have to walk 400 feet away and as for you wanting to make that a law good luck there are more smokers out there than non smokers so grow up! First you take away smoking in the smoking areas of certain places now you want to do that you sound like a spoiled princess who is trowing a fit GET OVER YOURSELF!!


If you want to avoid the smoke you could go to walmart in a city with a strong smoking ban or shop in stores such as Kroger who have a 50 foot smoking ban.

marlboro man

I smoke there as well since they let me and i say good to stick up for whats right allow the smoking.

marlboro man

an't feel sorry for non smokers. I am a smoker and proud of it I am going to continue to do it I work in a restraunt and there might be a *** smoking ban but we smoke in the kitchen because the owner lets us and he smokes as well we just put a ashtray in the kitchen for the workers who smoke.


Don't go out if you don't like the smell or are going to complain if you tell me to move when smoking then i would tell you to *** off and blow it in your face. A little bit of cigarette smoke is not going to hurt you. Smoke them Marlboro's.

@marlboro man

Cigarette smoke does hurt somd people. Both of my parents died from COPD from smoking 1 to 2 packs a day for 20 years.

If you could have seen them at the end, you would quit immediately. I agree that this is America and you have a right to smoke but others also have a right not to be subjected to it.

Walmart and your restaurznt should set up a separate area for smokers. A word of advice...if the health dept shows up to grade your restaurant, hide the ashtray as that is a serious health law least here in TN.

@marlboro man

I have severe asthma and so does my nine year old daughter. We live in a small town where Walmart, CVS Grocery Store and Dollar General are the only places one can buy groceries etc.

People smoke outside the doors constantly. You say its your right to do so. Where are people's right to live. Severe asthma attacks can kill you.

I'd love to know where our rights are to be able to breath. Seriously some of these comments make me sad that they don't understand there are people out there literally fighting to breath! Why can't you just smoke in your vehicle or walk away from the entrance.

Rain...use an umbrella. You can but one for $1 at Dollar Tree.