Reidsville, North Carolina

We received 4 inches of snow and 36 hours after it had stopped, Wal-mart in Reidsville N.C. still had not cleared the parking lot.

Food Lion and Lowe's cleared their lots after it stopped snowing and the lots were clear and not even wet. At Wal-mart however, car tires were spinning in the ice and slush, people were slipping, trying to walk to door, and two employees were pointing laughing at trouble customers were having. I told the cashier the manager needed to have the lot cleared and she said people had been coming in asking to do it and were told that it was not approved from corporate to clear the lot.

At 1:35 p.m.

3/8/14, there was one line open (though there were hardly any customers because they couldn't get into the parking lot without a 4-wheel drive) and three employees with Wal-mart vests on sitting in the Subway section laughing and drinking sodas. Wow, what customer service!

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Not really sure how Walmart does their lots and whatnot, but where I work, we are required to use specific services to treat and clear out the parking lot. We are not allowed to do anything in liability of this which puts us in the same position as the customers.

Heck, we have to walk much farther in the same lot just to get to the store compared to everyone else. So, telling employees what they already know is a moot point because they went through the same snow as you. They know people will complain about it (rightfully so).

And still, there is nothing we can do. Walmart is a bigger business than where I work, so they may have different policies to abide...who knows how they're supposed to do things?

I'm simply giving perspective, and you most certainly do not have to agree with what I've said.


wonder how much money walmart lost that night? wonder if anyone at the corporate level knows or cares?

I am pretty sure they do not care and I am pretty sure they haven't even noticed and at the store level they are lacking management that can make a decision without the CORPORATE hogs. More bonus and more stock options for us for the corporate Hogs.


This is why I carry 2 tennis rackets in my back pocket, at all times. Ice, Snow, Landslides, hurricanes, you name it.

I just slap on my happy foot rackets and im prepared to clomp my way into Target, Walmart, you name it, I beez there!! Especially here in North Carolina, where 4 inches of snow is beyond my mental capacity. Hope this helps.

Have a good day. :)


So why would you decide to go in there if the parking lot was in such bad shape? Good grief.. Use some common sense!


Good heavens! If you people down there can't drive in four inches of snow/slushy snow, you really need to have some driving lessons.

Whoever heard of needing four wheel drive to drive in that much snow. If tires were spinning, etc., it is because the people weren't driving properly. If WalMart employees were laughing at people in the parking lot, they must have originally been from the north. Be completely honest, a lot of places don't plow the snow when it is a certain temperature because they know it will melt in a certain amount of time.

Anybody that seriously needed to go to WalMart would find a way to do so, and if they were only going there to kill time, they wouldn't. You mention that there weren't hardly any customers in the store, but there was only one check out lane open. If there was only a few customers in the store why would they need more than one lane open?

Did it even occur to your whining mind that the employees that were sitting in Subway could have been on break?

First Born Triplet

EXACTLY, these people need to learn to drive in the snow, I am just surprised the store was not closed because of the snow. Also the three employees who were at subway who were laughing and drinking were on their lunch break, they are entitled to it by law you know.

I bet you would not like to be interrupted on your lunch break now would you. The truth is the people complaining they would not help me because they are on break would be the first to complain if their lunch is interrupted including the OP