Toronto, Ontario

I made a mistake of stealing five DVD's from the Roger's Arkansas store which totaled $60. Everyone does something dumb once in a while.

I pleaded with the security guard to let me pay for them but they did not because I lied and claimed I was 17 hoping to be charged as a juvenile. I had also bought some other items on the same trip. I was so angry that they would not let this slide being the first time that I told them I wanted to return the items I purchased. They said no that after the police come(yeah they called the police for a small crime) that I would escorted out of the store and banned for a year.

They told me that I would have to get someone else to return the items. The only people I know who can return the items is my husband who works at your home office and it would embarrass him to know that I stole from one of his stores. Not to mention I did not want him to know that I stole from one of his stores.

Worse of all I have to come up with an excuse as to why I don't want to go to Walmart when my husband wants to take me shopping. I think I will get back at you and say I had another bad experience.

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What an id**t. And you people want us to be nice and polite.


MsLea, if Jedi admits that he is posting as you, will you at least admit that you're insane?


I am not pretending to be you, who would want to be you.


Funny how this post and the other just popped up yesterday at the same time you were on here, Jedi. Stop stealing my username to pretend to be me!! You hear me?!?


I never posted this. Learn to read, clearly your husband was on at as well and though I made a post telling you off that is circumstantial evidence.


Funny how the location says TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA and I remember this first being posted at the same time you were online yesterday, Jedi. I remember this post first appearing yesterday while you were responding to my new post.

This was written by you, Jedi.

Just admit it already. Don't *** on my leg and tell me it is raining.


Funny how the home office Husband has the same name as Mrslea's husband. I think it was mrslea who stole, just like her husband stole cell phones from home office.

Also funny how the husband has the same first name, but the wife was shopping at the same store Mrslea shops at. I believe this is mrslea posting after drinking making her forget about this experience.


Maybe Anonymous' husband saw MrLea at the Home Office while MrLea was busy mopping the mens room.


I have a husband that works at the home office too, anonymous. Of course I don't steal so I have never been banned from Walmart.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself, anonymous.

Is your husband a thief too?? Maybe he should be fired from WM.