Purchasing trash bag that were on shelf labeled 6.47 went to register and rang up 11.57 I went back to

check the price myself and told the asst. manager that they must of all been put up in the wrong spot he

said oh a customer must of put them there I told him all your shelves must of been stock last night wrong so he said to me theres nothing I can do about it and I said as a customer you need to retrain your employees to know how to read labels properly its not my place to read a labels desciption as me being a customer you only see the price not the very small upc code or desciption.

awful customer service and need a new asst. manager 780 Lynnway Lynn, MA 01905 #TC 2571 6452 1616 8240 2821 4

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $11.

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The manager was wrong not to give it to you for the lower price. That being said, it is still part of a customer's responsibility to look at the tags to be sure you are taking the item you want, because customers do put things down in the wrong place in stores.


The manager was wrong. I worked for Walmart for 2 years in electronics.

The customer is suppose to get the item for the marked price, or $3 off the inccorect price. (ie, something marked 4 is actually 6, they should get it for 4, or if something that is 10 is marked 5, they are suppose to get it for 7).

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