New York, New York

Tried to cash my paycheck like I do twice a month at Walmart and just because you have a new card reader, that says the numbers are too low on my check, it's my fault and I'm suppossed to be screwed? That's your excuse.

Wasted time and money. Walmart sucks. You guys make so much off of everyone and you can't make things easier? I need convenience and I never get that here.

I am a very loyal customer.

Food, products and used to be paychecks. Very upset that now I have to add one more place to go in my already hectic schedule!

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I'm sick of hearing customers complain about stuff like this. I swear I see grown women and men everyday throw tantrums like two year olds when they don't get their way.

News flash! It's not Walmart's fault if our readers can't read your freaking check!

I'm sick of my associates being treated like garbage, when they are worth more than the filth and garbage that come through my store every day. I wish we could kick out all of the *** customers, but unfortunately there would be none left if that happened.


You can't get mad because they check reader won't read your check. It is not the company fault contact your job who sent you your check.

I get tired of people blaming everybody else because things don't go their way. The person that is waiting on you can only do so much. They just doing their job They can't make magic happen.

Sorry... IJS


Anyone can create payroll checks and there are many people who fraudulently do this. An extremely high number of the fraudulent checks have a low number.

It makes sense to do this. For this reason many legal companies start their check numbers higher.

Take it to the issuing bank and you will be able to cash it for free.