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I came in around 930 to pick up something I had ordered. The first counter I approached a woman proceeded to roll her eyes when I asked where to pick up the online order and direct me begrudgingly toward the back of the store.

Then when I was at the correct counter there was no one to bee seen, though I had passed 3 employees on my way back to the store and could hear employees through the back door chattering away. There I stood for 15 mins ringing there "customer service" bell finally a man came out and sent another young employee. This was the second bad experience of the day earlier I had been in a different walmart where when I tried to cash out the first line I went into there was something wrong with the machine the employee stood there with a blank stare and when the manager came she did the same thing " I don't know what to do" a good start would have been to relocate customers to where the could cash out in an expedient manor. The second line the cashier turned off her light as soon as I got in line.

So she stared at me and rolled her eyes. Third line.

Cashier is chatty with her friend while im cashing out which is fine but the chatting including cursing and complaints about other customers. just another fun day hating walmart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Next time bring mommy with you to the store so that she can speak up for you and tell them that you need help. They are not mind readers and do not know that you need help unless you ask.

You were so "pleasant" it sounds that next time those two cashiers would be chatting and cussing about you. You forgot to mention one thing though and I suspect this is on purpose, you forgot to mention why they were rolling their eyes at you, I seriously doubt they were rolling their eyes at you for no reason.

They were most likely rolling your eyes at you because you are three years old and mommy let you wonder in the store all by yourself. Or because you were rude.

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