Left my thanksgiving dinner n fam, just to go to walmart on Thursday for the 8pm event, I wanted the beats by dre SOLO headphones, when I asked the gymuy whered they were going to set it up, he said *oh, we're sold it, so here, purchase this card n blah blah blah* which I did...ok so not only did I wait almost a freakn month to get the item...which by the way is the only thing my son wanted for Christmas, I went today to pick it up, get home to wrap it, and notice that its not what I freakin ordered! They sent me beats by dre STUDIO, old version that the manufacturer doesn't even make anymore, and all of a sudden, nobody knows nothing about anything, and I am stuck with a freakn item we do not want! Way to spoil my kids Christmas ***!

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Or you know... You can contact them about see about getting it resolved instead of *** about it on the internet.


PS learn to spell.


WALLYWORLD is terrible often getting items incorrect. sorry about you kids christmas.

I order mine from amazon 150.00 deal they had one day.


You left your family during Thanksgiving to buy headphones and now you are blaming Wal-Mart for ruining your kid's Christmas? You have no idea what the holidays truly mean.

Get some perspective in life. Wal-Mart doesn't have the power to ruin Christmas for anyone.


Have you tried returning them to the store to see if they would exchange them out there for the ones you actually ordered? Try speaking with the store manager first and if he can't help you then call 1-800-walmart and tell them what happened.

They are usually very helpful. I would try that right away before being "stuck" with an item I didn't want.

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