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I bought condoms from your store. One of them broke and nine months later out popped little Johnny. I asked for a refund and I was refused.

I went to the doctor with my girlfriend and first he handed me a book saying

"congratulations you are pregnant"(he gave that book to my girlfriend)

When I told him I am not married he was like "oh is that true. I was like well duh I am 12. Then he handed me another book this one was titled.

"So you ruined your life."

Yeah I know this is a dumb complaint but hey, everyone else is writing dumb complaints about how they were stiffed when in turn it was them doing the scamming. Why can't I post a review that is just as dumb as everyone elses.

There he is my dumb complaint. Some of your complaints are just as silly and if not worse than this one.

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I love lamp

First Born Triplet

Did this not happen on the Simpsons or something. The doctor scene where Marge finds out she is pregnant and Doctor Hibbert hands her a book, "congratulations on your new baby" then Marge tells her that the pregnancy was unplanned and then Doctor Hibbert hands her a book titled "So you ruined your life." The first book had a picture of a happy mother and smiling baby, the second book had a picture of a mother ripping her hair out and a crying barfing baby.


My life was damaged too by Walmart. I had a big date with a group of guys.

I bought Ayds to be safe. I now have aids and walmart refuses to accept my return for defective product. They actually tried to tell me Ayds is a weight loss product.

Such lies! Now I go to Walmart and lick every apple in produce to give back the gift that Walmart gave to me.



Why are you suggesting Jedi Knight Ethan pay more attention in class. There is nothing wrong with this review, and let's face it this sixth/seventh grader has better spelling and grammar than some of the adults on this site.


Instead of thinking of witty comebacks while in class perhaps you should pay more attention to what your teacher is saying.


I thought of another example of silly complaints while I was in class. One where at Toys are US where a child misunderstood something, he thought he would get a game for free and he did not.

The parents threw a fit. Then the man at Target who wanted to return a tshirt his niece gave him and claimed Target made him yell at his niece for giving him ***.


Ethan speaks the truth!


Well there is this person who is trying to scam Mcdonalds because her coupon for a free ice cream for her son expired.

There is another lady who is on ETB who is scamming by claiming the same thing happened to her in three different stores(Target, Walmart, Kmart) claiming her money was stolen and demanding a gift card.

Let's not forget that registered nurse who thinks she is better than everyone else who demands gift cards for various reasons including because she did not get special treatment for being white.

There is this mother at Target who uses her eight year old son to scam and then throws a fit when her scam did not wok. Not all posts are legit

How can these posts be legit if the same woman is demanding the same amount of money from three different stores because she is on EBT and does not want to bother getting a job. She used the EBT money on vacations and for some reason she has internet connection. She claimed she was stiffed by Walmart/Kmart and Target in the end she admitted she just needed money and lied to all three stores hoping they would just give her the money they owe her.

Someone who gets angry because they could not use an expired coupon is just throwing a temper tantrum because they did not get their way.

Then let's not forget about the EBT people. Everyone is already feeding them to support themselves and their children, yet they want more than what EBT is allowing them to have for free. Such as that woman who wants 1 gallon of milk instead of one quart, and another woman who is angry because she wants tarter sauce and EBT does not cover it.

Then we have another complaint where a lady asked for cash back. She claimed it was the cashier's fault when she is the one pressing the buttons asking for cashback and she blames the employee.

Most people here don't want to blame themselves, this does not only go for Walmart, but Target, Walgreens, Kmart, Mcdonalds, Staples, Burger King, Wendy's ect.

In some of these cases the OP claimed that getting bad service caused them to beat their wife and or children.

In one case the boyfriend defended the cashier and the girl told her that he had to take her side or she would lie and say he raped her.

Then in a Staple comment someone admitted that they only made lies because he was trying to get fresh with this girl and she turned him down so he tried to get her fired.

Then lets not forget the people who claim they were falsely arrested for shoplifting and they keep changing their story so you know they are not being truthful.

Last but not least not forget about our "friend" nikalseyn" who needed a pen as a cashier at Wal-mart. So first she claims that she opened up a package and just took a pen. Then when we told her that was the same as stealing she said the package was already opened. She was angry that she was caught stealing at the store she worked at that she tells everyone to not shop there.

Also there is this man on CVS who changed his story. First he claimed no one talked to him when he was at CVS, but later on in the review he claimed that they said rude things to him. He completely counterdicted himself.


What makes you think that the people here are the ones that are scamming? You should really read some of the posts here and All posts are legit!!!

Jedi Knight Ethen

So here is my review. Thought it is lies I am sure that 99 percent of these reviews are actually lies to get gift cards ect. Thanks for reading.