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I did some shopping at Walmart in big spring Texas yesterday. My problem was after I use the self-serve checkout.

I got to the door and had somebody demanding to see my receipt which I showed them. My problem is they violated social distancing. From my appearance I am a 64 year old man I am rather obese I have plenty of gray hair and a gray beard anybody with about 2 oz of common Sense would have known that I am at a high risk for covid-19. They should have stayed the *** away from me.

They had an opportunity to observe what I was buying and whether I was paying for everything while I was checking out. I prefer not to have my social distance face being violated so at this point what is your suggestion go to a different store and spend my money where I can get my social distancing in or you just not care.

Location: F.e. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming

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I'm sure Walmart would rather not have fat Hillbillies in their store either.

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