We received the bed which came with NO INSTRUCTIONS in the box, then my boyfriend finally gets to the last part of finishing the bed and we that see one of the "P" boards are split! This is my 2nd time ordering a BIG purchase from walmart with both being such a disaster.

I did a store pick up for a 42 in tv. I got it home and it didn't work. I am THROUGH with walmart big ticket purchases!

I would not recommend for anyone to make big ticket purchases from walmart. Now I have to wait another 5-10 days to receive my bed piece that is broke

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they items come already wrapped or in boxes you dumb *** walmart is not a factory just the seller


This is a constant issue with CHEAP made in NOT THE USA ***. that is cheap to sell.

they never have all the parts in the BOX!! They always have an issue one PART BROKEN, ONE ITEM MISSING. it is just terrible. Is it the manufacture or the COMPANY BUY FROM THE MANUFACTURE THAT IS TO BLAM!!!!!!!!

I blame the company I am paying which is WALMART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WALMART IS TO BLAME FOR SELLING JUNK JUNK JUNK JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #785505

So it's walmart's fault and not the manufacturer? Do you think anyone at walmart knew that the sealed items were defectiv? Don't be ignorant.

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