Warner Robins, Georgia

Saturday, 20 Sep, 2008, I bought some small apple pies in the bakery section of the Wal-Mart Store on Booth Road in Warner Robins, GA. They were in sealed cardboard boxes.

When I got home and was going to eat one; I noticed through the cellophane on the front of the box that a bug was crawling around inside. I took both of them back the next day. My wife had purchased a Pepperidge Farm coconut cake the same day I bought the pies. She opened it the next day and said it tasted stale.

I checked the box and the expiration date had already past.

I had previously complained to the lady working in the department selling hotdogs that some of them had already expired.

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Bought a 3 Musketeer bar at Walmart on Shed Road in Bossier City on 2/9/18. when I bit into it, it tasted like mold!

It was dated: Best Before 12/2015

2015! This is 2018!

Seems like WalMart likes to sell old, expired products.


What Walmart was this I had a similar experience


I bough vitamin for my 1 year only n it was expire. When I went back all that was on the shelf was expire .


Purchased yogurt covered raisins. After my daughter ate a handful I noticed it expired May 5th 2015. It's September!!


Any action from the Walmart


Nope since I bought them in April. They write the expiry date so small I did not notice it until later.


talk about moldy wont be buying any yogurt anymore either


I just ate a few bites of a mold growing yellow Missouri grown watermelon from Walmart! It has white fuzzy stuff in the watermelon meat & tasted funny so I threw it out.

Yes a whole seedless $6.89 watermelon. I am going to tell them about it!

I don't think they ever changed the yellow meat bin. The more popular $4.79 red meat watermelons are okay.


Texas zero


Bought yogurt last night (March 6 2015). The expatriation date is March 24th.

I opened it up and it's runny, green, has chunks in it, and stinks of rotten milk. Well, there goes my dinner plans for tonight.


Yes, bought Milk and had no date on it. Even had soup with expiration date on it.

When brought to managers attention all you hear is "sorry" . These stores don't care about the customers all they care is money.


Yeah, stores usually care about money. But you must be six years old to not know that it is the milk company or soup company that did not put the expiry date.


He did apologize, and like another poster said, they don't put the expiry date, others do. What more did you want.

Did you want him to rub your head and wipe away your tears and tell you everything will be okay.

He apologized for another company's mistake, what more do you want.


Bacon use by date oct 9 sold Oct 11 in ohio


10/2/2014 I bought brick Chile from walmart I cooked it tasted a little funny I checked the sell by date it was 9/16/2014. I am taking the receipt and the container back tomorrow.


Man, that's always too bad to hear about. http://www.powershift-transmission.com/en/transmissions.html


I opened my dogs food and it was mold all over it and I just go :( t the dog food the night before


Same thing is happening at the Marysville, OH store. After my first discovery two weeks ago, I check every thing I buy there.

So far I have discovered three more products I purchased : k-cup coffee and dry cereal. If this happens much more I'll be going back to Kroeger.


See this review" WALMART - Over 3 months after the expiration date for dairy product...Still on store shelves.

by badkontact Jun 04

Review #: 414797

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Sell by and Expiration date are essentially the same per walmart management. If it is not sold by the sell by date they should pull it from the shelf.

I have bought cheez-it's and they were stale and they had not even reached the expiration date.

No food should have bugs, the cellophane was probably not sealed properly.

ps hi ladyscot aka IdgieThreadgoode