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Here is the deal-

On May 20 I went in and bought a 32' Emerson TV from Wal-Mart. Having just moved to Illinois from South Dakota to start Grad School, I wanted to get the last few staples to furnish my apartment. I bought over $350 worth of stuff. I get back to my house, set up my vacuum and clean. I decide to set up my TV. I get it out of the box, and right away notice the screen is busted. It looks like someone had punched it or dropped it. I plug it in, and it doesn't even turn on. On May 22, I take it back to Wal-Mart. I had plans for Monday and Tuesday, so I couldn't do it until the evening on Tuesday. I take it in to customer service, they take it out of the box, then tell me the serial number on the TV doesn't match the one on the box so they will not take it back. Absolutely, 100% will not take it back. The two customer service reps tell me that there is nothing they can do, and I need to call Emerson directly. What am I supposed to do with a defective television?? On my way out, the lady checking receipts could see I was visibly upset, so SHE took it upon HERSELF (mind you, she had a broken foot) to go find the manager to help me. Two managers come over and look over the TV. I spend another 20 minutes while they go through everything, look at all the receipts (they actually lose my actual receipt for a while). Here is what they come up with:

1) The serial number matches the receipt, the box, and the instruction manuals that came in the box, but not to the TV

2) They said they need a week to 'investigate'. Never asked for my name or number, and it wasn't until I asked how I would be contacted did they write three names on the back of my original receipt to call. I have to call THEM during the week I start grad school, to find out how this 'investigation' is going.

3) The day I bought the TV, the girl who worked in electronics had to go the back room to get my TV. She was gone for at least 20 minutes before she came back. Does this mean anything?

4) I have called Emerson and Wal-Mart corporate and e-mailed them but have heard nothing back.

This is by FAR the most ridiculous thing I have ever had to deal with. I even heard a customer service rep call me a liar under his breath. So apparently it is my fault Wal-Mart sold me a defective and wrong TV. Honestly, I have no idea what to do at this point.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Deal.

Monetary Loss: $228.

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This EXACT same thing just happened to me. Three days ago I purchased a TCL 55” at west memphis, arkansas walmart.Got it home, unboxed it, and turned it on to discover a shattered screen.Went back to walmart with receipt.They removed tv from box and then told me the serial number on the box doesn’t match the serial number on the tv.

They refused to refund or exchange.

I begrudgingly lugged the broken tv out in near tears. shady.


they people who probably originally had the broken tv bought a new tv same model, put broken tv in box and returned for money back and a free new tv and worker did not look at numbers. That would be why wrong numbers and broken.


Someone probably brought it back broken and the original worker was probably to lazy to look in box and check numbers. Last tv i took back the young kid didn't check any numbers just made sure it looked like all parts were in box.


This person is likely not lying as a similar thing happened to me.


This happened to me as well with a different brand. Your case is not unique.

I am currently investigating a resolution. I suggest boycotting both companies.


I believe that returns sometimes get back on the floor, and innocent customers buy them and get screwed.


all the extra irrelevant information suggests that you are lying, and you wanted to make a big post about it to further convince yourself that you are being honest.


I bought a laptop and two year extended warantee.I had a spill which I'm told is covered under the extended warantee. How can I get a receipt with the ferial number or model number?

I paid cash for it and only know I bought it in August,

. can't remember the exact day, How can I get a receipt?




The same thing happened at a K-Mart near me. I have to think that they know that this is happening--unless they always think that it's someone trying to exchange a broken tv--no idea.

But it happened with two televisions consecutively. The third one actually worked but it was a difficult process from what I understand.

I was not there-however I was witness to the opening of the package with a television inside that did not match the brand of the box containing it. The television had a damaged screen; the second one had a problem with the sound; that one was apparently the right brand and possibly the right model (that I did not verify) but the serial number did not correspond to the package.


Hmm, this just happened to me. I bought a Keurig coffee maker from Wal-Mart, and it is only brewing partial cups.

I went to take it back and the serial numbers on the box don't match the coffee maker. Manager said he would not take it back, period. I've never heard of this and it took me by surprise. I suppose we are now supposed to make the cashier open up our appliances and check serial numbers?

Very frustrating. Now I'm stuck with a half-operating coffee maker and a bad taste in my mouth for Wal-Mart.


There is no way to delete this, and I am not stalking you. I think I made you cry like a baby again.


Poor thing. It seems like you don't get out much.

I mean, needing to personify an electronic forum in order to get out your anger management issues....

still quite sad. I'll be deleting this entire thread as soon as I get home, because I don't need an electronic stalker.


At first I was going to write a scathing retort, but upon searching your name it looks like all you do is trash other people and their submission. That's quite sad.

So, in answer to your thought bubble, I will never have this experience again because I will now always open up anything electronic in the store, before I buy it, to make sure the serial numbers match.

But if for some reason this happens again, I will know where to come back to get your opinion, because it appears you are always here. Happy trolling.


I wonder how many more "defective" items from six years ago is the OP going to return claiming she just bought them recently?


Thanks so much for your comment, Lucy! Apart from being called a liar at Walmart and almost walking out in tears, I was met with such hostility by virtual strangers that it made me feel even worse.

After the week of investigation, I received three different calls from three different managers and none of them had the correct idea of what happened. Basically, I was told that the electronics department manager made a mistake and that I could return it for a full refund.

Also, the store manager apologized and kept saying how this Walmart needed a lot of work and he had only been a manager for a six months and that he knew there were a lot of issues and he was working his hardest to correct the issues. So, they took the tv back and I was profusely apologized to.

TL;DR Walmart made a mistake and apologized and refunded the defective TV.


Don't ever buy electronics from Walmart. I bought an iPod from them & it was defective.

They also put the wrong serial number on my receipt & refused to exchange it.

Thankfully apple exchanged it. I will never shop at Walmart again.


well jennerbean if you scroll down i didnt call you a thief and bad mouth your post but now i will after your last comment. they offered to replace it and you said no???????????

you rather have the money to buy a computer??

why did you buy a tv at all. im starting to agree with the haters about you.

anyways good luck with school


First of all, I had to keep the defective tv. They offered to exchange it, but I decided against getting a tv at all because I need a new computer for grad school.

GRAUATE school. I've worked two jobs since I was 15, and you people think im sitting at home not working? Watching shows on the broken tv I 'stole' from walmart?

I paid for that tv, ONE tv, and it didn't work, and I want my money back. Im so glad everyone is so willing to call me a thief and a liar when all I asked for was help.


What this review really should say is.

I have an old television set. It was getting bad. They had the exact same television set at the store. I bought a new television set and tried returning the old and damaged one. I am really angry that they did not fall for my scam.

There is a reason the serial numbers don't match and it has nothing to do with you being honest. It is good that you are admitting that your financial situation is "making" you commit fraud, but why should the rest of us pay because you sit behind the stolen TV all day and not even attempt to look for a job.