Statesboro, Georgia
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i bought a pair of waterproof boots for i work in water and i sweat..the first pair split on top at seam and water got in boots i returned them for another pair they lasted about a month longer but now has a leak in them also ....i think they need to be pulled for they are not waterproof ...I live 25 miles for the nearest walmart and it is impossible for me to get to there sometimes...most of the time i am pleased with this walmart but this with the boots just really mad me mad..sorry

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So...your complaint is with the boots, not with the store.


If you're complaining about the $20 steel-toe "Dairyman" boots, then the best thing to do is spend $100 on five pairs of them. They are water-tight, indispensible, and disposible.

If you really sweat, you're in trouble. However, you must work in order to sweat. My old $212 RedWings with 400 grams of Thinsulate were water-resistant for about 3 hours. Then, I would have to change out to the Wal-Mart boots until they dried.

Just stop being a cheap, ***, complaining *** and buy a real pair of work boots if you actually plan on working sometime during your life. Donald Trump said it best: YOU'RE FIRED!


I could be wrong, but I don't think waterproof boots are actually designed to be worn in water that is deep enough to cover the whole boot. I'm thinking rubber boots would be better.


just buy boots from somewhere else, ***.