Stockton, California
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On Febuary 1st. 2012 bought musturd potato salad.

Walmart brand. A few days later when having lunch I had noticed that it had an experation date of January 27th 2012 . Not nice. I want to take expired stickers to Walmart with me put them on all expired products in the store.

that way other people wont have to take their time, gas and money to take it back. And just help so people who aer older or depend on others to take them shopping for the month and can't get back to the store. They don't get their money back.

Shame on you Walmart!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Salad.

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Better yet why not take a parent to the store so they can read the expiration dates for you.


Too late for this sap. Looks like the expired food has permanently damaged the part of their brain that handles spelling and grammar.


I completely agree with IHateDumbCustomers. Mistakes happen especially in such a big store. It's a great idea to make sure YOU check the dates before you buy.


that's why it's best to check expiration dates before you buy things sometimes. it's not exactly your fault but people aren't perfect so they aren't going to find everything that's expired. especially in a huge store like Walmart.