Cincinnati, Ohio

Purchased 3 large loin strip steaks for $17+. Grilled the steaks.

It tasted terrible; we came to the conclusion that it was a very cheap cut of steak, certainly not the type of steak represented. It tasted and had the consistency of "liver"!! If I would have wanted liver, I would have bought it and certainly not @ $17+ dollars. I normally do not buy any kind of meat at Walmart because I have had several bad experiences previously.

My husband called me last Saturday, 10-9-10 when I was shopping @ Walmart and wanted me to pick up a couple of steaks for dinner, which I did. Big Mistake!!!

Monetary Loss: $17.

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Yum Stake.


PETA- People Eating Tasty Animals


Meagan the reason you could not chew it is because you did not cook it long enough.


I fell for the television commercials showing how great Wal-Mart steaks are. I paid $15.00 for a steak that was so tough I couldn't chew it, I gave it to my German Shepherd with big teeth, she had trouble chewing it, Wal-Mart needs to cancel the ad!


As I am typing this I am eating a big pile of pork chops and chicken and hamburger. Meat is good.


To: you savages

I am a proud meat-eater. I have nothing against vegetarians or vegans, but please do not attack us because we dis-agree with you on our eating habits.


:grin Really? you're suprised that steak from Walmart is not good?

I mean, you do realize it's Walmart right? :sigh :eek lol you guys are hilarious, thanks for the laugh


How can you eat meat anyways. I am a proud vegetarian and belong to PETA.


Hate any meat from Wal Mart!! All is fat and tough!! :sigh


ooops please ignore the last comment and letter.


Thankyou for replying to my letter Paigeblackcoven. As I was saying that I bought steak from one of your stores. It tasted like liver and I spent $17 on the *** thing.


My parents bought me that steak and it tasted fine. You are obviously a little kid who does not know how to cook. Should have gotton a parent to cook the steak for you.


First off Walmart is a joke! I worked there and they are dishonest with customers and associates. We were told to put out of date products on shelves in front FIRST. There are always to many "managers" instead of associates. One will tell you one thing and then an hour later another one will tell you that the thing you just finished from the other "manager" was all wrong and to do it this way........They are back stabbers and will make copies of written warnings for the associates with your name forged!!!

The D-Day is a joke! You get the day off with pay to "think" about why you "want" and "deserve" to work there. Yeah right, I am out enjoying myself with my family and then I get home to type my needed essay,which is written BS, to keep my job. Then Just before a decade of working there and getting a raise they will frame you to the point of you getting fired. Then they will try to stop from paying the gov. for your unemployment that you are truly due.

BUT, what they don't know is the Labor Board knows Walmart a little to much and has no problem filling a claim against them.

Beware those associates that still work there, they will send you a letter snail mail and a time that "the call" will take place. PLEASE!!!!!!! For once read the fine print and request an in person meeting. Then the manager that fired you has to be there. You will WIN!(depending on if you did something extreme) Walmart's open door policy is a joke also!!! Walmart is a large corporation that does NOT care about anyone but themselves. They will sell molded bread and once there was mouse *** in the bread that came from the vender that they had bought and they sold it instead of losing money and tossing it. I am not a disgruntled associate because I got my Unemployment and now I have a 60k a year job, Thank You walmart for the years and years of training.