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Let me tell you about my Walmart experience and how it ended today. Let’s begin with the tree is now in their parking lot in the a basket dumped upside down. I told them I am not taking this piece of *** back home with me. They sold us a product and then didn’t honor their own policies. Today was last day to return the item that was defective and you all knew it was. I started trying to deal with this on January 3rd. Yes that’s right have gotten the run around from January the 3rd. It was sent from We initiated the return thru Then they said contact Costway, I started the process got nothing but *** recordings. NOT ONE LIVE PERSON ANSWERED A PHONE CALL. I was told take it the store I did. The sweet ladies up front tried to help me. The called the nasty manger who thought he was going to run over me. I told him I have tried every option he was telling me.

And then it happened. That’s right, my *** came out. I said a couple curse words out of sheer frustration. Then I told them that tree will not come home with me. That I was leaving it there. He started talking *** and acting like a bully. I told him , “that $200.00 doesn’t mean *** to me, but Walmart not standing behind the products they allow partners to sell through their website shows me they do not care about their customers’. I turned around walked out the door with tree on basket and, yes yes I did leave it there in the basket upside down by the outside trash. It felt great to un-ass that problem right there.

Walmart is going to hear about this and sure hope everyone just shares and shares and shares around the world.

Thank you,

Renee Shoemaker

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $225.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Partner costway thru walmart not honor return policy.

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If your tree was really defective why did you wait until Jan 3rd to try to do anything about it? If it were defective I wouldn't have wanted it standing in my house through the Christmas season. Sounds like you are the sort of person who would order a tree for the season and rather than storing it till next year would try and scam the store into giving you a refund which you could use to buy a new tree next year and start the scam all over again.

to Anonymous #1662940

So, you're a scammer...... GOTCHA!

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