Toronto, Ontario
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Purchase Magnavox DVD Player and it had been taped shut and appeared new. Product, cables, manuals, remote(batteries installed), were all out of their original wrapping.

Player covered in fingerprints. Store manager at Walmart, Chestnut Commons, Elyria, said that they were my fingerprints. He made up this lie about how no two fingerprints matched, so just because the fingerprints on the DVD matched my fingerprints he would not let me make the return.

When I refused to budge he called the police and must have paid those *** to say that finger prints were mine because no two fingerprints match. That is a lie, the person that returned it had the exact same finger prints as I did.

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Is this for real? Can someone really be this ***?

Uhhhhh hello, dummy, but everyone has unique fingerprints. No two people have the same print, it's a fact!


Did you really say "the person that returned it had the exact same finger prints as I did"? You do know you sounded ridiculous right?

In any case, I thought Walmart take returns with "No Questions Asked" policy. You should have been able to return even if it was new, I thought.