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I see so many complaining on here from WM associates about the treatment they receive from customers that I want to take this opportunity to remind those complaining who really matters at Walmart. That person is the CUSTOMER. The CUSTOMER is the whole reason Walmart exists in the first place. I have noticed that a lot of the bad "treatment" that associates receive from customers is especially deserved...including in my cases. You don't treat the customer right to begin with then they won't treat you right in return. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Ever heard that expression? Here are some rules to remember the next time you clock in at Walmart.

1. The customer is always right...even when they are wrong. We are paying your paychecks. We are your bread and butter.

2. When we ask you a question you answer it and truthfully. You should know where everything is in the store. That is your job. I know HR gives you tours of the whole store when you begin your job. Watch, listen and learn.

3. Be prepared for the customer. Have what we need in stock beforehand. We shouldn't have to ask for stuff. There should be no backroom with our stuff still in it. It should be on the floor waiting for us.

4. You greet us and smile. We don't care about your personal problems or what kind of day you are having. You leave that at the front door.

5. All lines should be open with fast, friendly and speedy checkouts. This having one line open in a Walmart supercenter is ridiculous. You have plenty of people working in the store that could check.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This review by far is one of the worst ideologies a human being could have. Maybe if a store was entirely automated and run by robots sure.

But you forget people are human beings too. And if youre coming in with that attitude I can almost assure you that you go into a store with a pissy high-horse attitude. That idea that you have where the customer is always right and that you are our walking paychecks? Get out of here with that malarkey.

If there were no employees to service you then how would you get your products? That is a double edged sword and you always have to take both sides of the situation.

We who work retail absolutely despise our job and the company we work for because theyll pander to filthy little babies such as yourself. Do me a favor and show a little more compassion for your fellow man before all you will ever know for the rest of your life is hardship and annoyances.


Honestly customers are usually the ones that bring the attitude. Im always smiling and happy, even when getting cussed out.

Theyre the ones who come to me and yell at me because we dont have something in stock. I work in the electronics department and it gets crazy back there! Having those rude customers doesnt help. Like today, some *** threw a CHARGER at me because SHE got the wrong on and DEMANDED the refund.

I didnt even give attitude back and i also did the transaction after the fact (because the line was long and i wanted her out). So no, the customers arent always right, and the customers arent supposed to be treated god like if theyre the ones bringing this attitude ***


First of all, when i was 17, i couldnt ring up alcohol and id get cussed out almost daily for it. HR did NOT give me a tour of the whole store when i started because im a cashier, its not my job to tell people where *** is, not to mention they move things around WEEKLY.

also, ive had customers straight LIE about things to get me in trouble just because they want to. some lady wasnt watching her kid and the kid was running around and backed into my *unmoving* cart. her mother proceeds to tell 4 managers and a customer host that i ran into her kid with the cart and laughed about it which wasnt true. my manager watched the cameras and saw that i didnt do anything wrong.

this happens all the time. i dont give a *** if customers are the reason we get a paycheck, (btw every job out there gets their paycheck because of other people) they have no right to be a piece of *** because they had a bad day. they have no right to try to get me fired because i didnt kiss their *** the entire time they were there. this is by far the dumbest *** ive ever read, take a second to realize how truly stupid you sound.

i have so many stories of customers treating me like absolute *** for NO reason. it might sound crazy, but there are *** people who walk into walmart wanting to make someone elses day *** it happens all the time.


The same can be said for the customer, you aren't some god or goddess, don't act like it, (that last bit can be applied to anyone) I'm a cashier and the worst thing I've ever done was just yesterday when some rude and just awful person actually waited in line (there were other registers open), slapped her calling card thing she wanted on the flat table, started to insult my mental status cause I apparently wasn't going fast enough (I JUST picked up the thing) asked if I knew how to do it (with major attitude) then called someone to talk about what kind of high heeled boot she was going to wear to Vegas, I just told her she can just go to another register, but she refused, all the while the line getting long. Then there's my not say my usual "have a great day/night" after cause the person was very rude.

Or what about when I'm put on a 20 items or less register and people insist on coming up with an over stuffed cart and they HAVE to be checkednout there? Then most likely not realize the small table attached to the register doesn't move, looks completely spaced out while I try to get everything ..

and so much more ... I try to be as nice and polite as I can be, I just hope not to reach my breaking any time soon ..


I agree completely/ Walmart you’re do not give you an exact answer to where everything is. That’s why we have several departments/managers.


1. Ha the customer is not always right and Walmart, not the customer is paying their paycheck.

2. While they should answer truthfully, this is a big store not a small store no one knows where everything is. 3. right about that unless it is super busy of course 4.

Fair enough, treat people with respect and they will smile at you. I have met some rude employees not just at Walmart but other places as well. Very rare do people be rude for no reason. 5.

I they were all on cash you would be complaining no one on the floor. They want to save money even if it means screwing employees and customers(not literally)


If the customer is getting violent, or physical in any way, you honestly expect the cashier to abide by that stupid policy? If the employee feels threatened in anyway physical or not, they should have the right to refuse. The employees well being is WAY more important than a *** entitled customer.


You sound like an entitled *** I bet you like the smell of your own ***. I hope Walmart throws you out and bans you from the store the next time you mistreat one of their employees.


He or she did not mistreat anyone just venting.


" There should be no backroom with our stuff still in it. It should be on the floor waiting for us." Lol. You obviously know nothing about working retail.


I work retail and you are definitely wrong about how customers aren't rude unless the employee is rude to them. So wrong.

I've come across so many nasty customers (I can tell you're one of them) who are rude to the employees and expect the employees to bow down to them. Everybody deserves respect and we have the right to refuse service to any customer who chooses to me nasty to us.

Ever see the signs in businesses that say "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone" ? Yep.


Actually that is against the law. You cannot refuse service to anyone regardless. They may say those on signs but the law is the law.


If you are being disrespectful, violent, making threats, shoplifting, or anything illegal then management can throw you out of the store.


It is against the law to refuse service on the grounds of sexual preference, religion, race, gender, etc but it is not against the law to refuse service for legitimate reasons such as a person disrupting business, being drunk in public, causing a scene, cussing, or bullying associates or other customers. If the latter is the case the store has every right to refuse service and call the police if necessary, which is at the stores discretion.


Nope, it is law that the associates have to put up with the customer. A lot of times it isn't drunkeness or anything like that.

It is a customer being mistreated or an associate not doing their job. Obama said so.



First off, Obama can kiss it. He doesn't make the law, though I know he would like to think so.

He isn't God, though he thinks he is.

Second, at a store, as long as it isn't because of your skin color, sexual preference, religion, race, gender, nationality, any other protected status, a store/restaurant/hotel/any other business can refuse you service, ask you to leave the premises, have you removed from the property, etc.

if you are causing trouble, disrupting the flow of business, antagonizing customers or associates, intoxicated, breaking the law, shoplifting, etc.

As a customer, you don't have the right to cause trouble, antagonize other customers or associates, shoplift, or otherwise disrupt business.


Not true, you can even have abusive people trespassed off the property.


You seriously didn't have to use your political views as your username. Your entitlement mentality already gave your political persuasions away.


I just got off the phone with Obama. He said to tell you he was mistaken and that anytime a self untitled horses rear like yourself comes in a store thinking is okay to mistreat the employees because it's their job to take it that they're free to pick you up by the seat of your pants and back of the collar and throw you in the street.


That is not the law it's policy, show me the statue that that's law.