Bellevue, Washington
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Mom who is 95 and has had a Wal Mart card for years, recently had a $599 charge made in WA on her Wal Mart card. After completing and returning the required fraud paperwork.

We later received a letter from a collections agency stating that their investigation found that she benefit from the use of the card. What the ***? I handle my moms bills and we both have very good credit and have never been to WA. Who's to say there was every any fraud just a letter from them and another saying, you owe.

I have contacted Mo attorneys generals office and still waiting. WalMart has been added to the list of companies that can kiss my ... I plan to put wal Mart on blast on Facebook with the local churches, the senior center, local salvation army..

and more. Pissed Son

Monetary Loss: $635.

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No one makes you shop at Wal-Mart. You obviously are a hateful person who didn't get their way on something with Wal-Mart.


*never been to WA?!?! It says you're from Bellevue, Washington .... WA is the abbreviation for Washington, so I'm a little confused by that statement.


It may be a Walmart credit card but I'm sure it is a bank your dealing with not the retail chain.


There is something odd about your story. Could it be that her account was hacked sometime when she used the card.

Just for your information I have had people tell me that the WalMart credit card is the worst to work with, however, they were complaining about it taking an awful long time for credit to be applied after something has been returned. You can make all the nasty comments you want to about WalMart, on whatever sources you want to, but you won't hurt them because there are more people that like WalMart, than will quit shopping there. As far as the Salvation Army goes, they will continue having their bell ringers out front, because they make a lot of money in their red kettles at those locations. Also a lot of people will take it just as NASTY gossip.

There is also another possibility that maybe your Mother should no longer have a credit card.

You wouldn't have to be in Washington, in order to order something online that was located there.