Shallotte, North Carolina
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I was at Walmart in shallotte one night and a walmart employee would not even get another employee to come when the line was past the catfood and the store was packed and then she was a down right *** *** when i got there if i was not so nice i would quiet going and the other lane that was going there let a person keep them put her buggy at the end and would someone cuss and say gd to all the customers one guy told me that was on vacation and told me he was never going in this store again. He told me i cant believe u will come to this place again.

And i told him i had to the closest place for there for me to go was 45 mins away. I hate that place.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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You're a 10.00 shopper ming this fuss? Get over it


it sounds like you were drunk when you posted this so maybe you were just delusional. and aww, that poor guy that missed 10 minutes of his vacation.

well next time, maybe he should take an actual vacation.

*waits for Anonymous to post an irrelevant yet *** comment.

and possibly a comment about children. but you can count on him to send you a winking smiley face*