Fort Worth, Texas

I have purchased Walmart's brand of Half and Half Creamer at the Neighborhood Walmart in Bedford, Texas.

The last two times I've purchased it, it expired way before the expiration date.

In order for me to start off my day right, I need a good cup of coffee. I fill the cup with coffee and then add creamer and much to my dismay, the creamer curdles!! I end up having to throw out a perfectly good cup of expensive coffee because of this.

Please put the correct expiration date on your Half and Half, Walmart!

I will give Walmart one more chance and then if it happens again, I will switch to another brand.

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I’ve found that putting a healthy pinch of regular table salt in a new carton of milk or coffee cream extents it’s lifespan. You won’t taste it and the salt prevents bacteria from growing.


I’ve had the same problem with Walmart 2% milk. Today is the 23rd, with milk expiration date of 31st; milk is souring already.

This is the second time this has happened. I have no problem with other store brand.


Same things happens to me at ShopRite


More often than not your creamer is perfectly fine. The acid in coffee can curdle the cream when it's added. Smell it or taste it on its own to see if its actually gone sour.


Same thing happened here in Oklahoma a WHOLE MONTH EARLY!! Wtf.

Wasted a coffee pod.


Same thing has happened to us here in NC. Three times already so I'm done with the brand. Scared to buy it now.


John, the milk is dated at the dairy you dumass. Walmart doesn't have a special milk re-stamping plant and they would lose more money from lawsuits than they'd gain even IF your *** conspiracy theory made any sense.

You must be a leftist union ***.

Walmart pays a competitive wage all over the country and sells products at prices that most can afford. *** your sour grapes


Another Walmart employee being paid to insult their own customers who just so happens to post a complaint about them. SMH


Walmart is the only place that I've bought milk and had it sour before its expiration date. I wonder if they change the date so they can sell milk that has already expired?

From what I have heard, Walmart doesn't seem to care about food safety-only in making money and the employees at the Bolivar TN store are paid so little that they probably don't have any initiative to ensure food safety.

One of these days, someone will get very sick from milk bought at Walmart and will sue them BIG time. Then, hopefully, their attitude will change.


You're right! And Walmart real doesn't care a bit about their customers that's why they pay empolyees to insult customers who post a negative complaint about them.

Hard to believe but it's true. SMH


8) :upset :eek :roll :? :cry :( :x :sigh


:x Who gives a *** its ghetto walmart ***


I too have had issues with spoiled dairy products from WalMart. They either have a problem with their trucks or they do not keep their in-store coolers set low enough.


What you probably use like one tablespoon of coffee, and probably paid lets say $8 for the whole container. One tablespoon plus sugar, whitener, cream whatever you use probably comes to ten cents or less. If you call that expensive you are either poor, have issues or mentally retarded.


The cost is not the point! The point is, you get up in the morning looking forward to a cup of coffee, and have curtled creamer that should be good!

Its more irrating than anything.


Actually, when you buy the PODS, you are throwing away money along w the pint of creamer you dumb ***. Pods are expensive.


As a small business owner, I often use Sams Club as a resource. For the past 3-4 months, I have bought their 2% milk, and it WILL NOT keep to the expiration date.

My refrigeration is monitored, and consistently the milk thickens and, although it does not SOUR, it thickens and becomes yogurt-like. Totally worthless for use. Don't bother with it.

There is some problem with processing. :(


The point is both their milk and their half cream is terrible. I keep the products out overnight, not for a week you would think that I kept the product out of the fridge for a week instead of overnight, because I like my milk and cream warm.

They shoud pay for the differene because I am forced to buy name brand.

They should pay the extra $1.32 the *** manager told me that milk can spoil even overnight. How *** is he, it does not take a night for milk to spoil.


So, apparently there is alot of *** bags on this site.

"Just a thought, smell it.", "Nasty *** in my coffee?" Your lives must be fruitful, you know, insulting people about putting creme in coffee on the internet, lol.

Anyways, on the topic of other than be a D-Bag...I have creme that expires a month from today and I've been using it frequently, then today its curdles. Half and half creme seems to have an expiry date from the day you open it as well...max 2 weeks I'm guessing.


Hey everyone, please ignore these Walmart employees who are being paid to insult you for your valid complaints. They are not real customers they're just being paid to down play your complaints and scare you off this site. Please pass the word!