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We had another unfortunate incident at this same store. My nine year old son spent all his money on candy and Garbage Pail Kid cards.

He went and my 13 year old went shopping on Sunday May 9th to buy a mother's day gift. My son did not want to be the only one without a gift so he stole a pair of a box of my favorite candy. I am am very angry about this. They called me at home instead of letting him off.

I mean it is mother's day, there is no need to call me at home, they could have just given him a warning. My husband was very angry about this. He refused to go to the store because he was afraid he would do something he regretted and get arrested. So on mother's day I had to go to the store and pick up my sons.

My 13 year old had nothing to do with this, though they did not arrest him they detained him when he did nothing wrong saying they had to wait for me to come. I am angry at the employees, had they told my 13 year old son to stick with my nine year old son he would not have been tempted to steal in the first place. Instead my 13 year old son and my 9 year old son were seperated. I am sure a few employees saw my nine year oldson alone and no one said nothing to him, or my 13 year old about sticking together.

My son could have been kidnapped and no one warned my 13 year old about the dangers. Don't get me wrong. My son was punished for what he did. I don't know the whole store but apparently he is saying his older brother told him to steal refusing to lend his money, and my 13 year old is saying that never happened.

Don't know who is telling the truth. I asked several employees if they knew the truth, and none of them were paying attention to these children so I will never know the truth till they are adults and say "mom remember the time when...

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First of all "Rational" Its not Walmarts Responsibility to teach your Kids right from wrong thats your place to and to teach them the dangers of being kidnapped! So shut up and start teaching your kids RIGHT from Wrong!


Learn to read you *** My wife is not angry at the store because my son stole. She is angry because they called us on a special holiday for her and ruined it. My wife is a good mother, better than you losers. ALso idiots don't put things in my letter which are not there. The stor is a ten minute walk from my house.

somekindofhorriblemom just because your kids are too much of babies to shop by themselves does not mean ours are.

Why did I not take my boys shopping the manager banned me from shopping here. That's why. I started cussing at a manager because she is so dumb and does not understand decimals. I used to work at that location but got fired for swearing a t a teenage for taking a long break.


Sad... Did you ever stop to read what these people are saying?

Perhaps a little bit of thought to the point they are trying to make, rather that the context you seem to read into them.

YOU got banned from Wal-Mart?? Dude, you seem to have bigger issues than a couple of (possible) juvenile delinquents.

So Walmart called the cops? Thats WHAT they should do!!

And you, as the Father, should have busted their *** when they got home.


it is not the responsibility of an employee to to know who belongs to who. we are not a babysitting service.

maybe you shouldn't have sent your boys in a store by thierselves.

after all they are kids. responsibility starts at home.


Your kid is old enough to know that stealing is wrong. How is this Walmart's fault?

Just because it's mother's day and you happen to be a mother (a terrible one at that), does not make it an exception.

Please don't reproduce anymore.


This is all a made up story by a needy 10 year old girl to try to see how many comments will be made.

Get a grip, people


How dare you blame Wal-Mart for your wrong doings????? I'm still digesting the fact that you said the staff was suppose to watch your children!!!

Who the *** do you think you are??? My boys shop at Wal-Mart (supervised) & they are 16 & 17 yrs old.They do not steal because they know right from wrong. Besides, they did their shopping there prior to Mother's Day!!! Why didn't yours???

As stated above, why didn't your husband take your boys shopping so that he could keep an eye on the boys. Still wondering, what type of parent are you to place blame on your children's wrong doings??? So, now I ask you....who really spoiled Mother's Day??????? By the way...if they had of let him go for stealing candy for you, the next call that you would have gotten would have been from the prison because he would have felt like...I got away with it once, so I'll get away with it again!!!

And if they had of let him go, you would've complained that Wal-Mart didn't teach your child right form wrong the first time. Then you would have tried to sue them later because your kids were caught stealing electronics or cars...etc!!! Maybe he should've given you some of his candy & Garbage Pail Kid Cards!!! Or, spent his money on Mom & not stole anything at all???

But I guess at the end of the day....Mom wasn't worth the money huh???????? WOW!!!


I am glad it isn't just me. I thought this was a joke at first.

Nothing in her story makes sense. How is Wal-mart to blame????


I want to know why this woman is blaming Wal-Mart for not taking "care" of her children. Why wasn't SHE taking care of them.

If Mother's Day was that important why did she let them go out someplace they clearly had to be driven to? A 9 year old shouldn't have a 13 taking care of them at a store.

Stop blaming Wal-Mart and watch your children. Then you'd KNOW it won't happen again.


Wait! You're mad at Wal-mart because your child stole from the store?


maybe your husband should have been the parent that day and brought your kids to walmart. who would let their CHILDREN go to a big box store by themselves?

it's not up to employees to parent your kids. Instill the right values, raise your kids right, and they'll probably know not to steal. A 9 year old is at an age of reason and knows it's bad.

Obviously the store isn't going to just let the kids go until a parent is there, they are CHILDREN. people like you should be sterile or have your tubes tied.