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Update by user May 25, 2016

I've still not heard anything from Walmart on this issue but I wrote a review for this product on Walmart's website and they haven't posted it yet. It's been almost two weeks since I wrote it. Makes me doubt the validity of product reviews there.

Original review posted by user May 13, 2016

I have been buying Spring Valley Evening Primrose Oil from Walmart for a few years now and have had good results from the product. However, the last bottle I got smelled like the oil had turned rancid.

I called the toll-free number on the bottle and reported it. They took my email address and told me they would email me a Walmart gift card to refund my purchase price (even though I paid cash for it). While giving the man the information off of the bottle, I noticed it now states "Product of China." (I still had my last bottle and this statement was not on it.) I asked if this product was going to be made in China from now on and he said, "Actually, I looked this one up already and it was really made in New York." He said that anytime I want to know the true origin of a product that I'm purchasing from Walmart that I should call and ask where it was made. Really?

I'm supposed to call for every item I place in my cart at Walmart if I'm concerned about where it was made?

I sent an email to Walmart's Customer Service explaining what this man told me and asked if the labels truly did not mean anything. I also told them about the rancid product. Guess what? This was over a month ago and I never got a reply from Walmart or the gift card I was promised.

I still had my store receipt for the Evening Primrose Oil and took it back to the store for a refund.

Think I'll be buying supplements from Walmart any more? Nope!

Product or Service Mentioned: Spring Valley Vitamins Evening Primrose Oil Supplement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $7.

Preferred solution: An answer to my question, "Do your product labels lie?".

I liked: Convenience.

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Trueb, I can say is made from China , I just buy a bottle with vitamin B SPRING VALLEY. and yeah is China.

I'll finish than no more , product make feld good after all , but kinda no like items from there. Specially if is going in to my stomach lol...


You think they're going to mail you cash? - smh - Lord help us the idiots are out tonight!

to 23502 #1379987

Nope, I thought they would send me a refund check that I could spend anywhere I chose, not a Walmart gift card. But it's a mute point since they didn't send either. Anyway, the problem wasn't the money (which they did refund when I took the item back to the store), the problems are the questionable quality of the product and the fact that I was told not to believe what is printed on the labels.

to 23502 #1414462

yes, mainly you.

to 23502 #1431001

You just woke up I guess


We tried SPRING VALLEY vitamin C chewables from Walmart, bot of us had problems later that evening with our stomachs and pain with indigestion we attributed to the chewable c that did not taste right..i have become aware that some vitamins are made in China where standards are different then in the this country.


I would not consume any dietary products, such as vitamins, herbs, etc, if they were made in China. I say that as a person who has LIVED in China too!

to Anonymous #1637295

I bought Spring Valley Valerian Root from Walmart. It does not contain Valerian Root at all.

Who can test it's contents for me?

I want to know what I ingested. These fake companies cannot be poisoning consumers and get away with it.

Mission Viejo, California, United States #1345663

I have been taking Spring Valley Vitamins (Acai, super B com, cranberry, Vit D, Bolton, DHEA, Oil of evening prim, E, Fish oil, Turmeric blend and more) all bought from Walmart, for two years felling very sick. Stopped taking them and I am doing much better.

Palm Desert, California, United States #1335305

Walmart Vitamin E now made in China...will not buy in future. In fact we do not buy anything of theirs made in China, but definitely not our Vitamins. Such a great disappointment..what happened to MADE IN THE USA?

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #1321549

To: ANONYMOUS EAGAN, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES #1321512 from the Original Poster: I'm sorry I didn't make myself clear in my original review. Since Spring Valley Products are a "Made for Walmart" brand and distributed by Walmart, the toll-free number on the bottle IS a Walmart phone number.

I DID speak to a representative of Walmart when I called the toll-free number to report the problem with the product.

My first choice of action was to call Walmart to report the change in the Evening Primrose Oil product, hoping to save others from getting the inferior product in case it was a "bad batch." However, since Walmart did not send the promised Walmart gift card, I assumed the problem was never truly reported to them, and at that point, I felt my only recourse was to take the product back to the store and get my money back.

Yes, I got my money back but I sincerely doubt the batch was tested for purity or other problems.

And I learned a lesson by speaking to the Walmart employee (when I called the toll-free number), that you can't believe what is printed on the labels. At least, not on the Spring Valley supplement labels, since I was told (by the Walmart employee) to disregard what the labels say, and call Walmart if I want to know the "true" origin on any products.

I hope you will re-read my original review, now that you know that I was indeed dealing with Walmart, and tell me, wouldn't you "blame Walmart?"

Eagan, Minnesota, United States #1321512

How is that Walmart's fault? If he called the number on the bottle, he was not dealing with Walmart.

But he did take the product back to Walmart and got a refund.

So... why blame Walmart?

to Anonymous #1370256

Because Walmart made the decision to stock this subpar line of products and offer it their customers for purchase!

to Anonymous #1428489

Because Walmart is the one SELLING the product- ding dong. Regardless WHERE it was manufactured....Walmart became THE RESPONSIBLE PARTY when they CHOSE to distribute it and make a profit!

to Perplexed #1642236

Dont be racist man

to Anonymous #1451909

Quality my friend they pride themselves with Quality. China products are cheep much less quality!!!!

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