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I don't want Spring Valley Vitamins because their Made In China I want vitamins MADE IN AMERICA ONLY !!!!!

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China owns your butt. Better pay your masters!


Are people really this dense. Have they not been paying attention to globalization that has been in process for over 30 years?

Nothing is made in America and especially nothing at Wal-Mart! I mean if you want to pay $40.00 for a bottle of cheap vitamins please go right ahead and that's even if you could find "American Vitamins".


If you only want items made in America why on earth are you shopping at a Walmart store? Most of the things they sell are made in China.

How do you think they can sell things at the price they do? They are made with cheap labor in China because people don't want to pay the prices it takes companies in the US to pay a living wage.