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I, along with an acquaintance, was targeted outside the store and stalked by strange men in a large green car. I think that they suspected us as shoplifters because I purchased a large order and had eco bags.

What a way to treat two senior ladies! I would

NEVER shop there agaim!

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I'm also curious as to why you think this is specifically Walmart's fault. "Strange men" doesn't really do much to imply that they had some kind of clear indication of "HEY WE'RE AFFILIATED WITH WALMART!", nor does the make/model/color of the vehicle they were in.If you felt threatened by it, you should have reported it to the authorities.

And if you thought it was an issue with Walmart, you should've spoken with someone inside the store. Who knows, maybe they'll report the men you claim were stalking you and see about stepping things up to keep their customers safe.


Sounds like grandma thinks she's hot enough to be stalked


That's an ignorant comment. Granted, the initial complaint was stupid, but do you really think stalking and rape are behaviors based on victim-attractiveness?


What, exactly, does this have to do with Walmart?


What makes you think they had anything to do with Walmart? Did they stop you and accuse you of shoplifting?

Did you ever stop to think that they were looking at a couple of little old ladies with a large order and were thinking you may have had some money in your purse they could steal along with your large order. Seems kind of odd you would suspect Walmart.