walmart has raised the price on a vht510 soundbar that was $299 until 03-03-12 ..for the previous month it was unavailable and as soon as they brought it back they raised the price to $348..what a rip..@ that type of increase i can find a better unit..consumers hopefully someday will see what big biz is doing and bring back the boycott..i will just have to get back on the computer and find another soundbar that i like, but one thing i am going to promise and that is i wont be getting it from wal heist...WAKEUP CONSUMER..

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Based on your logic, if prices should never go up, everyone should be making $2,992 annually...the average wage of 1950. Why should anyone have to pay more for something.


I'm guessing that the lack of availability might have something to do with the increased price. Please shop on-line.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #444605

it is called inflation.


big biz and wal heist? maybe people should boycott against how dumb you sound. I don't think anyone is going to boycott a store because the price of a soundbar went up.

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