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Please allow me to thank the wonderful people at Stanton Optical for fixing a very bad experience I had at Walmart Vision Center on Pelham Rd in Greenville SC on September 17, 2016. Here's the story.

My wife and I both went to the Vision Center for eye exams. We were both convinced by the staff that we would be most happy with Progressive Lenses, which of course were more expensive. A week later when we picked them up all was fine and good, however once we both got to our jobs, which entail working on a computer screen we couldn't see a thing. We experienced headaches and dizziness and realized immediately that Progressives were not the right lenses for us.

As I work out of town I was unable to take them back immediately however my wife was. She told them her experience with the progressive lenses at work and was asked “well, what do you do?” Now maybe it’s just me but shouldn’t that have been asked initially? She asked for single lenses and was again convinced that Continuum lenses are what she needed. This has yet to be seen as we have to wait another week for them.

Yesterday I went back with the exact same complaint, and asked if I too could get the Continuum lenses and was told “Well, is this going to be a story of I told you so?” We were floored.

I was then asked “Well, if you can’t see how you get to work?” Fairly certain that we were being punked we let her go on. She proceeded to ignore my request and do what she wanted to do by placing different lenses in front of my eyes. When I asked her what the differences in the lenses were she said “I’m not going to tell you.” At that point I was done. I asked if I could just get a refund and be on my way.

She walked away and brought in the doctor, who made it very obvious that she was being inconvenienced. When the sales lady said she would like to have the doctor put me back in the chair, the doctor sighed and said “I haven’t had a chance to sit down all day.” And was obviously disturbed by this request. What I did in response was decline sitting the chair again as not to disrupt her day which was obviously more important than her patient. At that point we walked out.

My wife remembered Stanton Optical on Woodruff Road and called to see if they could fill my prescription. We got an appointment immediately and were met with a friendly, helpful and concerned Staff.

James in particular who is the new General Manager, and Steve who was the obstetrician working at the time. Within 30 minutes I had my new glasses and they were perfect.

Product or Service Mentioned: Eyeglass Lenses.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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