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I have a problem to but trying not to think it's Walmart .. I buy education new breaks and disk for front 2015 nissan alitma Two weeks ago First week perfectly next week took to Walmart for a long trip on the week end change oil Top off fluids .. an family used there car instead That Monday took to work Notice burnt breaks But went away soon as I got to work Next day smoking and smell I then callEd for help Took car home... Read more

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I had the same *** bullshiz issue. They can still sell it and all 3 yards are still intact . I literally bought the fabric and hour earlier it was cut wrong and started shedding in my car and home and was making it hard for me and my little ones to breathe so i triple bagged it and took it back to the store and they said "No you cant return fabric" I even asked for an exchange and they still said no. So I ended up pay $13 for new fabric and... Read more

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We were visiting in tucson and I lost my cap. We went to the first Walmart and found it was just a market. We went to the second Walmart in tucson. I asked two different employees where the caps/hats were. They BOTH SAID, we don't have any in THIS STORE. I told them my Walmarts have caps. They said "not here". I decided to look around and found caps in the men's department and the ladies department. Terrible non-helpful employees and none of... Read more

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I am super pissed i get to Panorama mall wall mart in van nuys and i stand in line for 45 minutes to get in front of the cashier and she just leaves just walks off i will never shop there again this was 8 pm tonight i could not believe it ..i kept asking the Mgr that came "is this a professional establishment? " i was floored needs to get it together and hire better quality of people maybe thats why they are closing all there... Read more

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Walmart stopped *** me off a long time ago. In fact, I love the place now. Every time I need a few bucks, I just go to a Walmart, find a receipt on the ground and take it to customer service. Then I say the cashier never voided an item and they apologize, give me cash and I leave and spend the money at another store. Been doing it for years. Also when they give a gift card for return, just go find a receipt where someone paid in cash or a... Read more

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I work for Walmart. They have recently made a lot of changes that directly effect their employees. They have cut our hours, taken away our sick days, they have no compassion for family emergencys. They say they have made positive changes. But all they have done is screw the people that have worked for them for years. They lowered our raises. Like we make enough to support our families. We don't. We basically work in a sweat shop. Do... Read more

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Purchased 2 electronic items online on Black Friday that were supposed to be available and ready for pick up at store that evening and I would receive text when it was ready. Sunday morning and still no text. Called customer support who said items were out of stock and wouldn't be available until Dec 11. If u need something right away, don't trust Walmart when they say it's available for same day pick up!!! Read more

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Called to place a order was I had to wait until 9pacific time to place order for price of black Friday deal. Called again and was given correct information and Mr. Logan said at 301eastern time item would be available for black Friday price. Could not place order on website said it was not in stock and then website crashed and it said website was unavailable. I placed a call to wal over the phone at 3:02am and couldn't get a agent and... Read more

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Dear walmart im writing this becouse at the walmarts i been two have told me to download the fipp app but you dont want to honor the flipp app i shop at walmart every other day i spend at least 2,000 a month for all my groceries and i do lots of price matching that you dont honor im very disapointed in walmart if you donot change your policies i would gladly go to smiths or albertsons where they honor my money thank you very much gladys gonzalez Read more

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I am totally upset that you've allowed an anonymous story to be printed for all the world to see about me and my daughter without confirming the validity of the story. the person who submitted it to you is sick and has been dealing with a few mental problems for years now. She even tried to get me fired from my job. the company she claims we lied to had to call Human Resources at my job to complain about her posing as one of their... Read more

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