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Went to try on some shoes and the salesman named Al refused to let me try on a size 4 at first. I have been a size 4 since high school but this salesman insists I am a size 7. I finally tried on a 4. He spent 5 minutes trying to get the shoe on my foot this after he complained about the pain in his head after he had the nerve to slip and fall on a hoagie that had fallen out of my purse. How dare he, I was going to eat that. Well after he finally... Read more

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Coming here to cash your check is like going to the dmv. The line are to slow, they have five resters with only two people working. I will never come here again. They have poeple leaving for lunch without no one to replace them. Real sad. Read more

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Been really hot in Chicago lately but at my local Walmart a family named the Bundys have decided to move into the frozen department because they don't have air conditioning at home and they knocked their whole neighborhoods electricity out when they bought some cheap old fan from World War II. Well the two males are constantly going around hitting on women while the females sit around lounging all day. They have managed to trick the management... Read more

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I am still waiting to be contacted by Walmart about the racism that I experienced at your Supercenter location at 4650 n west ave in Chicago. I guess people see me as some race-baiting neurotic but I can assure you that I am not. This is actually the first time in a long time that I have experienced racism at Walmart. Seems this location doesn't appreciate the business of black people any longer. Sorry we aren't all welfare collecting ghetto... Read more

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I am a podiatrist with my own practice and I make over $200,000 a year. I can pretty much shop anywhere I want to in my town, but I choose Walmart. I didn't appreciate the treatment I received today. Everyone is always acting suspicious of me in the parking lot and locking their cars obnoxiously to make sure that I hear them. I am black, so naturally I would be followed around by security all through the store. I know when I see the same person... Read more

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I ordered an iPad for my son and had it shipped to Chicago. It was supposedly placed by the mail boxes. It was part of a larger order and other items in the order were received. First I was told it was sent to the wrong address. These idiots sent a $12 shower caddy requiring a delivery signature, but a $500 iPad was left by the mailbox. Getting it replaced is an ongoing nightmare. Customer service is at best worthless. Everyone "wants to... Read more

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At Crestwood, Il. The Walmart check out experience is a mess. The self check out is nothing but problems. If you go before 7 am, and the machine makes a mistake, they can't even fix the problem. I was told to either wait 15 minutes or buy a candy bar to get the cash back that it didn't give me in the first place. After today, I am quitting Walmart and using Ultra foods which is right across the street. After my bad experience at Walmart I went... Read more

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  • Jun 29, 2016
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Walmart and dont match up on their sale

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I have return the dresses and I was trying to give them the tracking numbers but I have no e-mail address to send it too it has been over two months with this ordeal the tracking number is (9505 5105 8902 6156 2937 13) please contact me when it has been recieve so I can get my refund! Thank you!!! Deborah Dooley 751E. 73rd Street Chicago Illnois 60619 Read more

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In September 2014, I opened a Walmart "12-month deferred interest" credit card account and I made a $545.00 purchase. In November 2014, I made a second purchase in the amount of $900.59, and was aware that this purchase did not fall under the deferred interest. To date, I have made over $1400 in payments. On 5/17/16, I noticed my statement had incurred a $101.00 charge under the new interest rate of 23%. I contacted customer service and spent... Read more

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