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I went to buy a 18*48 pool from walmrt but they were all out of stock by June 25th so i went a head nd order online tp have one shipped to the store for free pick up. I orderd the pool on June 25, 2016, walmart order page shows an exact date of arrive by June 30,2016. Well today is July 5th and it says that it is at the store but not ready for pick up because its processing.... I'm just not a happy customer, they should not put an exact date of... Read more

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Walmart has recently removed the inventory in their stores, which makes it so that store employees can't look up items to see if they are in stock or locate them for you. There's nothing like approaching the employees in the electronics department to see if they have a movie and meeting the response, "I have no way to tell anymore. You'll just have to go look." I have gone to two Walmart locations and received this reply, not to mention their... Read more

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I'm a regular customer of walmart and I come shopping every day and today at 6:27 6/23/15 a supervisor named Jennifer got called from our cashier to check the price so when she arrived she was rude she gave us attitude because I told her that about the prices i saw for my Item then she told me why did you call me and she did not want to go back again and check because she's so lazy to do her job and she's unprofessional with the public she... Read more

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Just had the worst feeling in the world at walmart canton Ohio tusc ave will never shop there again made me feel like i'm a lying when all I wanted to do was price match thanks a lot for that feeling Christina blonde hair Read more

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I submitted a review about the app Walmart started called savings catcher. I joined in September, and have collected over $40 in savings. After countless calls, and back and forth emails with this department, they have still failed to resolve the problem as to where my ecard is so that I may use it. They have verified my account exsists, ask me to send screenshots of my savings, now they will not even respond. Ive even contacted the corporate... Read more

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I signed up for the savings catcher program in Sept. I average $1000 pet a month there... Now Ive only accumulated about $40 in savings. Chose the ecard... Ive been fighting with cudtomet service and corporate for 5 weeks now. Ive proven every problem they have thrown me. Now, they are ignoring my constant emails.... Its a SCAM!!!! Im now filing complaints to the BBB, and Atty General... Consumers beware!!!!!! Read more

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I purchased this card for my daughter on her birthday... to make a long story short we tried to use the card tonight but was told the card was not valid the walmart employees could care less they nit at a loss... i have purchased a piece of plastic for 30.00... how do you get your money back if you don't have the receipt? if they do this to 1000 people they make a lot of money... not happy! how do you argue with a giant they win all the way to... Read more

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This Walmart trip started bad in the parking lot!... When I pull in, I cannot find a parking spot, ANYWHERE! Okay, not really walmart's fault but it's about the only part of this story that isn't. After I finally find a spot, I walk into the store and realize there are absolutely ZERO carts in the entrance, so I walk to the other, there aren't any there either! So I think, I'll go look in the department I'm heading to anyway, besides the fact... Read more

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I'll keep it brief, but according to Walmart's website their return policy states that a receipt is not needed for returns. I bought a pair of faulty shoes that fell apart and simply wanted to exchange them for another. The store refused to honor the company's very own policy... Honestly, I have never been treated with such disrespect at a store. I went in at night time after work and spoke to some managers who basically told me I was *** and... Read more

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I have been looking for a 47" Vizio 3D Smart TV and online at Walmarts website it shows 5 different stores saying they HAVE it in stock so I travel to the stores over a 100 miles ( I really want this TV) & NOT 1 of the stores showing that they have it in stock had the *** TV. I call the 800# and they tell me they cant do anything about it and that I should have called b4 driving there, what the *** is the point of having a web page showing if... Read more

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