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i ordered ping-pong tables and Walmart cancelled them. every item i ordered, Walmart keeps canceling it, i have no idea why. i have more than enough funds. its really annoying to me why a customer would order an item and a company would cancel it without nay notification. i was "suppose" to go pick up my item today tomorrow but unfortunately when i checked and looked, i found out that the item i ordered was cancelled. i am very displeased with...
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Im pretty sure im going to get all kinds of negative on this, and thats what makes this country so great. We can say pretty much whatever we want. Frankly i vould care less what the people rant about what our forefathers did to the natives. Because it was a cultural slaughter that involved numerous nationalities over hundreds of years all over the world. So save it for hostory class. I should not have to wait for a clerk who speaks in english in...
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Anonymous OK move to the French part of Canada, service people there give no *** if you speak English, in fact they would be offended that you dared not speak french to them. Plus I'm ...

I placed an order online on Black Friday and the online system showed the item in-stock and available also at all my local stores. Instead of having it shipped, I went ahead and chose my local store on Ben White Blvd in Austin, TX to pick up. I had received a notification via email that the item is in-store as I had setup in-store notifications prior to this purchase. However, almost 24 hours after placing my order, the order was cancelled. Now...
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I didn't like
  • Online stock practices
  • Online lies
  • Horrible customer service

tire replacement Review

Sorry tire service department. Took 4 hours to replace 1 tire.
I was at the optical shop. There were only 2 Walmart employees helping only one same person. I commented (Iwas talking only to my daughter) that there 2 walmart people helping only one person. Diane (who works there) began scolding me that it was my fault and I had to wait. She also told me to wait there in the store, one to two hours, for Armando when I could make a complant. Maybe she was just having a bad day. Clearly she needs remedial...
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I ordered Duke's Nut Cracker thru and I returned item when it arrived. The package wasn't opened and sent it back for refusal to accept the item. I waited for 2 weeks and didn't see credit issued on my account so I sent them two emails, 12/31 & amp; 1/7 but still havn't heard from them. This is a worst business I ever dealt with thru I have sent an email to Walmart to see when they will issue the...
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I didn't like
  • Bad customer service
We tried to purchase an item at Walmart with a check. Although there was enough money in our account, we were denied six times by Telecheck. Needless to say we didn't make the purchase. However,after calling Telecheck we were told that since this was the first time they had seen with our account and routing number we were denied. Also we were told, we didn't write enough checks and therefore they would probably never approve a...
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Walmart Money Card is a scam! Someone stole $1,050 from me; they made transactions with ATT, Pathmark, and KFC all in New York (I live in Austin TX). I contacted Walmart as soon as I noticed the transactions which was the day after on June 27, 2012. They told me that they could not do anything about it, I had to wait for the transactions to post to my account and they were still pending. I spoke to several people that day and spent over 5 hours...
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yb45434 Well, I do not want to blame visa or master. I have a walmart gift card, bearing no visa or mastercard logo on it. Someone stole the number and used in California. I contacted...


Confused The same thing happend to me 8/31/2013 $644 used at target in Brooklyn newyork I live in okc

Everytime I go into Wal Mart, I see more floor associates than I do cashiers. Many of these associates seem to be doing nothing at all, quite a few I see out in the parking lot socializing or sitting in their cars. Every single Wal Mart manager I see is always walking around, talking or whatever, and not working. I get up to check out and there are only a few cashiers here and there. The lines are always long, the shortest time I have waited has...
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IHateStupidCustomers FastFoodPrincessLea you don\'t have a husband in Home Office, get over it. I don\'t why that\'s a fantasy of yours.


PrincessLea If working at home office was so easy then everyone would do it.

At Walmart the customer is no longer king. The management is king and we the customer only prosper if they are treating their employees right, which is hardly ever. Asking an associate for assistance is like a disruption to their day. I have had to go bang on associate work carts or scream "EXCUSE ME" at the top of my lungs sometimes just to get their attention. Then they give me that "what do you want?" look. I have to use the self checkouts...
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Dude25 I have always been treated well at Walmart but then I am polite to them. Next time try this phrase instead of banking on their cart and acting like you belong in a zoo. Just...

The Doc

The Doc The only Walmart employees that walk about with a work cart, are the Janitors and Maintenance Crews. What exactly is it that you need that you have to scream at Janitors an...

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A continuation of my post from yesterday 7. 20 items or less means just that. Those stands are not built for a full basket of stuff and it annoys and makes the customers behind you, who only has a few items and is ready to go, wait even longer. I have had some customers yell at other customers for doing that. I don't blame them. 8. The number of hours allowed for associates is set by home office, not store management. If there are not...
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IHateStupidCustomers the chunks I blow..? well.. if you the person you were recently stalking was throwing up, I can\'t say it was me.


Anonymous Naw, just trying to dodge the chunks you blow!!!!! :( :( :(