Palm Springs, California

We live in Yucca Valley which is planning a new Super WalMart. There is no problem with Staters or its employees taking a negative position, but when they solicit signatures on their premises to get the issue on the ballot it crosses the line.

When the energy costs grew, Stater Brothers raised the prices beyond belief and had to reduce them. Now, they don't want competition and take a political stance to strengthen their market. You cannot buy socks or underwhere in Twenty Nine Palms and you cannot buy a bath mat in Yucca Valley.

Stater Brothers is not interested in what benefits the town rather what benefits them.

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Stater Brothers spends roughly 1 million dollars a week on just their paper ads, the ads they send to your home and the ads you read while you are in the store shopping.

Wal-Mart can afford to sell socks and household items because of the command pull economics it has on 3rd parties. (Since they have tremendous buying power, they can negotiable better deals on socks and etc than Stater Brothers.) It's all about politics like you said.

To REALLY lower the prices on goods, Stater Brothers would have to go non-union and CONSTANTLY refresh the labor force. (I.E expell all the high paying workers and replace them with cheaper labor, something Wal-Mart is good at.)


As for me, if they depend so much on us to shop at their stores, they need to look into "what doesn't work". I hate these inserts from all the Grocery stores. Most of the merchandise is the same at any store. Fresh vegies and fruit and even the meat departments are differant. Why are all the prices either toooooo high or you have to buy more than you need to get a "great deal". What if you are in a small family and can't afford 10 for 10 or 3 for 9 if you have a "CARD" or spend $25.00 to get eggs for $1.99 but you can only get the amount advertised then pay FULL Price for anything over. AND who can drink 2 gallons of milk? $4.00 for two but $3.99 for one. Why 2 for 5 instead of 2.50 each. Do they think we're ***?They make it sound like it's a great deal? Once I found something for $1.00 but if you bought the double pack it was $2.50.

With all the Advertising STATER BROS do in Newspapers, inserts, tv commercials, web - sites and now the Penny Saver!. Do you know how much they spend in advertising alone? Why not stop most of it and use the money to better pay their employees and bring down the prices, stop making "deals" with us and just sell your product.

As for cigarette stores. UUGGGHHH I went to 4 different stores to buy the new Marlborro Menthol 100. One sold them 2 for 8 or 3.99 + tax for 1. The next store $5.00, next $5.75 and last $6.75 all adding tax.

THEY ARE THE SAME )(^&^&*)( CIGARETTE. As stewie would say, "what the ***".

I go to the stores who treat me the best, next the prices and then the sales. If a sale is only good on Wed, and I don't have any money until next tues, the sale is over. Who are they helping. And a loaf of bread $3.79! Sometimes I just stand in front of the cereal aisle and shake my head. Even their Store brand is higher than the sale from Kelloggs but then they want you to buy 6 boxes but you only like 2 or 3 kinds.

I HATE SHOPPING. Since I had to watch my expenses and what I buy, it's no longer fun to shop. I'm wearing the same shoes I bought 3 years ago. :eek