I went this morning to pick up my groceries. When I arrived home this is what my pot pie looked like.

To be fair (and because unlike Walmart, I have integrity) the 2 girls who delivered the groceries were nice and actually smiled despite being out in the pouring rain. Also to be fair, it's safe to say that this is probably an accident, and it's not packaged great. But what happens next...well... mind blown.

I called to the store, and offered to send them this pic. They didn't want the pick..they sent me over to the 800 number saying they can give a refund. I wait 10 mins for the online number, who's rep then tells me I need to go back to the store, they can't give me a refund. I spend another 20 mins while this heavily accented person disregards me telling her several times that I started at the store, and they already said they can't do it.

I ask for a manager, and she puts me to the store instead (without telling me). So now i'm right back where I started, while the girl explains it can be down thru the grocery app. So she spends another 20 mins walking me thru the app, only to find it can't be done that way. At this point I ask for a manager, and what I get instead is her lowering the phone and pronouncing to the room at large that she needs a manager because this customer is being "b****y" Yep, that's what you get with Walmart pickup...destroyed product, the run around and then called names for good measure.

I called corporate, and they told me in a monotone that they would speak to them. Walmart is all great- until you have an issue...then you are "b****y"!!

Location: Longview, Texas

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Get off your #$$ and do your own shopping. You won't have this problem.

According to your account you spent at least 50 minutes trying to get a refund plus all the time you spent on line placing the order. Bet you would have spent a lot less time just going to the store and picking out your own groceries.

You would have had the quality you wanted. All this on-line pick up at store BS is just making people too lazy.


Wow, I can't believe this response! Don't know either person but if someone wants to use a service of grocery delivery they deserve good service and don't deserve to be called lazy!

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