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I bought a stuffed blue monkey holding a red heart for my girlfriend for Valentines Day. But she decided that instead we should to out for dinner.

I had paid for her dinner so I decided to return the Monkey. However I did not have a receipt, and since I did not have a receipt I only got half what I paid for. I told them that I bought this BEFORE Valentines day. They told me without a receipt they could only give me half of what I paid for, and I called for a manager, who was just as idiotic.

He said that normally they don't take seasonal merchandise but they are making an exception, and if I went home and got my receipt they could return it at full price. First of all why should I have to waste gas just because I forgot to bring a receipt.

Second as I stated I lost the receipt. So basically they are stealing from me I told them to just forget it and kept the stuffed monkey.

Reason of review: stole from me.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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No, Walmart did not steal from you, you just forgot your receipt.

Read their return policy, and you will see that you need your receipt.

Why are you blaming Walmart when you forgot your receipt?


I did not forget it I lost it, you really should reread what I posted. Also this incident made me so angry.

Unfortunately I still had the stuffed monkey in my car and my girlfriend saw it when she asked to borrow my car. I was not thinking straight and when she told me about seeing the monkey in the car I accused her of being nosey and hit her. Her son tried to defend her and I hit him as well. She got so angry at me and told me to leave and said she would call the police if I did not leave.

She said it is bad enough that I hit her but I drew the line when I hit her eleven year old son.

I know I should not have hit her, but when she mentioned the stuffed animal I remembered my experience at Walmart and lost it since I got angry again. I took out my anger on her.


You have no one but yourself to blame for beating your girlfriend and her son. You think you are tough but you need someone to out you in your place.

Only cowards hit women and children, but if her son was at least 18 or older you would not have hit him when he tried to defend his mother, you would running out of the house with your tail between your legs. Your would not dare hit an adult male.

Too bad she did not call the police on you. When the other prisoners find out you hit women and children they will have a field day with you.


I don't know who posted that comment, possibly an employee of Walmart, possibly and most likely a troll. But I never posted the comment about hitting my girlfriend.

I don't hit women and I agree with you if a man hits a woman he should be put in his place by other men. My girlfriend does not have children. Why we are only 20 years old. Well she is 22.

I did not post that comment about hitting my girlfriend and children that was someone else. She certainly does not have kids and would have become a mom at a very young age if she had an eleven year old.


Give it up already, everyone knows you are posting these comments about the abuse, MakeMyDay2016. It's not clever, it's just sad and a bit concerning that making up stories of abusive relationships would be your first thought. OP, though I don't believe you were wrongfully treated in this particular circumstance since you admit you did not have your receipt, thus proof of purchase could not be given, I, along with many others, know that the comment about hitting your girlfriend and her son was posted by a troll who uses this tactic often.


How dare you pay for your own mistake!!!! Bahahahahaaa. Grow up.


I always hate when stores ask for pesky things like "proof of purchase" to give me money that they have no idea if they owe me or not. Really bugs.

Like, why should I have to be responsible and not just have everything handed to me? Ugh.


I thought you were being serious until I read the last comment. Yeah he should have given the receipt to an adult.


This is better than a whodunnit! Thank you Walmart!