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This is the 3rd time this has happened to me at the Walmart on Coors in ABQ. You pay for your purchases and the clerk bags them and spins the bags away from you, then hands 1 or 2 bags, but the 2nd or 3rd bag is hidden from sight, the clerk goes on to the next customer, and you walk away without some of your items.

Today I lost 4 bananas and 2 packs of gum. The solution is to bring your own bag, put it on top of the turntable, and force them keep the items in sight at times.

I don't know if this is individual thievery or store thievery. In any case, be careful.

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San Mateo, California, United States #1208331

Calling people names does not a valid point make.


this has happened to me several times at walmart in cary, nc

Bellflower, California, United States #964153

This is really bad thinking. They should do away with this problem today!

Two of my last four trips involved losing my purchase.

They gave my missing items when I went back. This doesn't happen to me at Target or my purchase at a food store.

to nature lover #964228

If you cannot check the bag carousel for your items before you leave like a big girl then perhaps you shouldn't be shopping in the first place.

to Anonymous San Mateo, California, United States #1208327

You are a troll.

Melbourne, Florida, United States #935481

You know, make sure you have all your bags before you leave. That's what I do.

to MattD78 Orange, California, United States #935518

That is what I am trying to tell the six year old children that cannot use that form of common sense. Perhaps they should still be shopping with mommy or daddy.

to KevinRichards San Mateo, California, United States #1208330

Calling people names and making personal attacks is not all that helpful or constructive. The subject is actually a valid one.

When a situation involves hundreds of thousands of single transactions, it is not the single transactions that are the issue as much as it is a system that increases the probability that a mistake will happen. If a similar situation existed that was likely to benefit the customer at the expense of the store with the same likelihood, it is doubtful that it would be allowed.

Orange, California, United States #935239

If this is the third time this happened to you then you are obviously too young to be shopping on your own. No one is stealing your purchases.

You simply need an adult to check to make sure you left with everything. I can understand it it happened once, or twice, but if you cannot get it through your thick skull to check to make sure you have everything you should be shopping with a parent or babysitter. I can understand you not noticing that you left without your gum, but bananas.

The simple solution is to bring mommy or daddy shopping with you. This is not thievery, this is just a case of you not being old enough to shop on your own.

Portola, California, United States #935027

The second time this happened to me at Walmart was yesterday. Since I lost items to their 'lost luggage carosel' before I was careful.

But not careful enough - even though I tapped all of the bags that could reach, I still lost a loaf of bread. I don't think that they are necessarialy doing this on purpose.

But it's a bad system and I bet that they know it due to the high volume of found items that they return to stock. Systematic theft is still theft.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #935240

Again this is not theft, this is a simple case of you needing an adult to go shopping with you to take care of you and make sure you left with all your items.


This has happened to me many times. I always spin the turntable thing around and check for more bags now. I also start grabbing my bags off the turntable as they are being bagged, I don't wait till the end of transaction.

Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States #853597

This happened to me more than once. To go back is not worth the gas.

I think there should be a light switch under each bag.

But then there is no money to be made by selling it twice! Hello?

First Born Triplet
to Baron #853653

Better yet, perhaps you all should be taking partial blame for forgetting the items, yeah it is the cashiers fault for not pushing the thing your way, but partly your fault as well for not double checking.

to First Born Triplet #860715

How dare you tell something so simple instead of having them use common sense?

to How dare you Orange, California, United States #935242

I agree, how dare he tell a six year old to use common sense, a six year old does not know how to use common sense, and that is why the OP should be shopping with a parent. Okay leaving behind bags is not life threatening, but what if the six year old did not use common sense and got hurt or killed by not using common sense?


lol creep. why don't you go help those disaster victims? or do you have some Target hate groups to attend?

to IHateStupidCustomers Pasadena, Texas, United States #592975

IHSC, you are a ***. Go to jail.

Dead yet? (Anything close would be acceptable). :( :( :( :( :(

well if you did something disgusting like that, it wouldn't surprise me. and you really creep me out with how fast you reply on here. it's like you spend every minute on the internet with this tab open, awaiting and stalking my replies.

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