Yonkers, New York
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online walmart is pants!!! i spent over $250 on christmas gifts and realized they were emailing it to my previous address.

i called them up and spent over 40 minutes on hold. i was told that they could not update my shipping address and i would have to cancel the order and reorder the items. some of the items were no longer available and some of the items were still shipped. i called walmart and spent another 30 minutes on hold to find out when i was going to get my refund back.

i was told it could take 5-7 business days for the refund and that i would not be getting a full refund because some of the items were already shipped. the representative was very rude and told me this was my fault and i would have to call the delivery carrier (UPS and FEDEX) to have them send it back. and there was still another item pending to be canceled. i am beyond frustrated with this whole thing.

i can't buy any one else christmas gifts until i get my refund, i've wasted time to call walmart over this matter, and i have to go out my way to make sure the items are sent back from what they shipped out after i cancelled it.

i will NEVER make an online purchase again!!!! thanks, for ruining my christmas!!!!!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Cons: Customer service, Service, Long waits.

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Actually is your fault since you are fully in charge of reviewing your order BEFORE you hit place order to avoid any problems. And if some one would take a little time to read terms and contains you will see that once you place the order there's NOTHING you can change on the order and if you try to cancel the order Walmart.com does not guarantee that.


Welcome to the club. They are out of control this season.