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Purchased a treadmill from Wal Mart. Used 3 forms of payment.

My debit card. My boyfriends debit card. And a gift card I received for christmas. Unfortunately, we had to return the treadmill.

The cashier reversed all charges to the wrong cards! When we called the store to alert them of this they truly showed no remorse or offered any suggestions. The worst part was they reversed the bulk of the charges to the 75 dollar limit gift card instead of MY debit card resulting in a fruad alert on my gift card and a tie up of 420 dollars for over a week. Store level management reffered us to corporate, corporate reffered us to district level, and in the meantime we spent three days on the phone with every level and every number we could find and essentiall we did all teh work and Wal Mart has never apologized or offered to fix it correctly.

They *** fixed it. I will never shop there again.

This was not a 20 dollar transaction. It was a 700 dollar transaction that THEY messed up, and took no ownership of.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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I should note that their "fix" for this was to finally get the gift card company to allow the 420 dollars on the gift card. Which now limits how I may buy my replacement treadmill.

Since my cash from my checking account is not tied up in the gift card. The district manager never called us back even though we left SEVEN messages. Clearly he does not care about the lack of customer service and their so called customer service department is a joke. I checked my phone bill today.

We placed over 30 calls to the store, corporate and customer service in a three day period. And NO ONE CALLED US BACK to follow up...HORRIBLE customer service.