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what thr *** is going on when stocking food! do you have people putting thing up after store hour?

well it bad when you come in just after the the store open and their cart of gec. all ply up at back of store where you can not get a gal. of milk! then you look up at the freezer a worker is too short or to lazy to use a step ladder to check what needed to restock on top instead she staying in the door way while open with work shoe on up in the open door using it as a ladder to see what she need to add,now that low down, when you have sale like coke in the can by the case,saleing so good now you want restock makeing you pay more for less!

then when somthing is selling reel good and the other stuff with a best seller brand then what you do is we move it too a new place so you have to pay top price then pay for less!manger at monroeville,ala. name DAVID MOODY need to get his head out between his leg and need to the problem solve, before health department going to have a field day with him!

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kiss my butt! it may you who need to go back to school or maybe you one of those that has book sense no common sense or maybe you the kind go crazy when you get some dirt under your nail?beside sue me ***!!!!!!


Before submitting your next complaint, I would suggest you re-visit grammar school. I had to read over your complaint three times just to be able to comprehend it.

that what i was trying to tell ya! when somthing like that sell good,then they want restock it until you buy the other brand!plus you may have to look somwhere else hidden in a different part of the store, that how it goes up here :)

Why has the Florence al store been out of dark roast maxwell coffee for over a month and thier other brands by maxwell house out to I fed up with thier stupidity and other food items to what's the problem


well that was a waste of time. it barely made any sense.

but hey, it looks like MsLea understood all of it. I guess psycho bit**es understand each other, huh MsLea?


I don't know about where you live, but here in South Dakota the WalMart stores have been open 24/7 for at least 15 years, so there is no right after the store opens, and they are stocking during open hours, including in the day time. They do use shopping carts for restocking, and there have been times when I have had to move carts full of merchandise because the employee is helping a customer find something.

To me it is no big deal, even though I use those electric carts for shoppers to use, and I have to get off most of the time to move a shopping cart. Some people should just get a life.


Speaking of lazy could you not read over your review to make sure it makes sense, or better yet pay someone who is at least ten years old to write it for you. I am sure they will have better spelling and grammar than you.As for mrslea, she thinks she can make her own rules because her husband Bernie(past name not Lea) works at Walmart as home office janitor.


He have bad English, that's unpossible.


I meant pallets are supposed to be off the floor during daytime hours.


Oh honey, I have problems with this all of the time at my local Walmart stores all of the time. The majority of stocking is supposed to be done at night and pallets are not supposed to be on the floor during the daytime hours.

Next time write your complaint in ENGLISH so people know what you are saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek :eek :x :x

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