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I am a third grade teacher. I reciently got a gift card from a friend.

One of my students recieved a detention for talking back. While I went to the washroom he went through my purse and stole my card. This student(future immate) went to the store on his way home to buy chocolate and baseball cards. They *** empoyee did not question why a boy of nine was using a gift card.

I later found out that he stole the gift card. He admitted it after I heard his friends talking about it. (if anyone hears the name Peter Connar in the future this is the same student who stole my gift card and he is right where he is headed). When I found out this delinquent stole my card I asked for it back.

I had over $10 on the card and was left with $3.31. I told the worker behind the counter what happened and she said that Wal-mart was not responsible for lost or stolen cards. I told her it was not lost, a juvenile delinquent stole the card. The assistant manager said the same thing.

I asked for a number. He gave me the store number and the home office number. I told him no I want the personnal cell phone of the district manager. He said he was not allowed to give that information even if he knew it.

I knew this was a lie and he just did not want to give me the information.

I had my ten year old daughter with me and she had to witness me steal $10 worth of merchendise to make up for the gift card that Wal-mart stole from me. It is a shame that she had to witness me stealing when I taught her that stealing is wrong all because the assistant manager was unwilling to help me and understand my situation.

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wow you are the worst role model parent. it was ten *** dollars!

not only teaching your daughter to steal but lets top ot off and be a horrible teacher.

putting that little boys full name on the internet. you should be ashamed of yourself.


this lady should not be a teacher first of all not to mention a parent. i know her card got stolen but it was by a nine year old and the way she speaks of this troubled child makes me angry.

she should be trying to teach him right from wrong even though she's not the parent i beleive its part of a teachers job to prepare thede children for there future. and as a parent to have her 10 year old witness her stelling from wallmart makes her far worce that a nine year old this lady needs professional help and should loose her job asap!


this is the teacher that abuse me when I was on third grade because she didnt have a boyfriend.


I could not tell this kids parents. I told my class that if they went to Burger King they would receive a detention.

Peter went to Burger King and got a detention for that. His parents are angry about the detention I gave him.


lol, this is hilarious! guys this person is NOT real.

this is obviously a troll trying to get reactions out of people.

lol, yeah had to steal $10 worth of stuff in front of my daughter.

right. i believe that...


You are a teacher? What do you teach?

How to act like a ***? You should have kept your purse locked up, know that gift cards can't be traced, realize you are not going to get the personal cell phone number of the district manager of Walmart, call a child a future inmate while posting his full name online, and then stealing in front of your child because you are "owed" something by Walmart. What a shining example you are. It would have served you right if Walmart had caught you stealing.

At least if any of the parents of the students in your class read this review, they will know what kind of crazy person is teaching their children. Get over yourself and grow up!!!


Who cares if she leaves her purse unattended you would not suspect a child to steal something for it, you make mistakes and sometimes things happen. However since you know it was this Peter kid that stole your giftcard you should have went to his parnts and explained the situation. I am sure they would have replaced it

What is wrong with you as a teacher is your attitude. I would not be happy if you called my son a future inmate, or delinquent. Also I would sue the school board if I found out you posted his first and last name on the internet.

There is no reason to put a child's name for everyone to see. I am sure there are some regulations against this.

Also how are they to know that Peter did not get the giftcard as a birthday gift from his parents or someone, or if he was doing shopping for his parents(not that I would encourage a child that young shop on his own) They don't know whose card it was.

Are you the same third grade teacher who was forced to lie in front of your child at Burger King because they would not redeem your prize ticket?


You are a TOOL! every aspect of this is just wrong, you should be tracked down and sent to the Principals office.

I can't even believe I just read this story. You are a loser my friend and Karma is all I have to say.


Wow. How pitiful are you?!

You left your purse unattended so that a child had access to it. You post a minor's name on a public forum. You blame the store because they did not question a person that used a gift card to pay (Cards are same as cash. They are not tracable and they don't require an age limit to be used).

Then you insist that you get personal contact information to a person you do not know, who will tell you the same thing that 2 other people already told you, and something that is printed on every gift card printed. Then you really shine by stealing merchandise from that store in front of your own child. What a glaring example of psyco you are!

The only person you have to be angry with is yourself. How did you become a role model for america's youth?!