Chardon, Ohio

I recently visited the Military Rd Walmart in Niagra Falls, NY. when I went to purchase my groceries I accidentially used my debit card instead of my EBT Benifits card.

I realized this too late, and asked if there was anyway to remove the charge from my card. I was told that I would have to get cash back and then put it on my EBT card. I did NOT want cash back. After speaking with a floor manager and then a front end manager, I left the store and then called my bank, where I was informed that it can be done, they do that sort of thing all the time.

after speaking with my bank I called the store and spoke with Tara, who is aparently a manager. she basically told me that it couldn't be done. I asked to speak with her superior and she basically hung up on me.

I called back and spoke with Jen an assistant store manager explained the situation to her and she referred me to Kathy, who I then explained the situation again to, and then finally she passed me on to Alicia the Financial Manager for the store, after explaining again for a fourth time the situation I was again told that Either I could take the cash, which I didn't want or put it on a gift card which I didn't want either, I would have liked the money back in my bank acct. I will be advising my bank that this was an unauthorized purchase and it will be disputed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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Yeah, how hard is it for you to take the cash and go deposit it into your bank yourself? You're either lazy or not too bright.


if you would of done it credit then they could of swiped your card back and put it on your account. Walmart is not to blame....



Walmart may try to press charges but with her low IQ she probably would get off scott free because she is too dumb to know what she is doing.


Debit terminals are issued through a third party, nor by the bank directly, while it is entirely possible in some instances to refund debit to debit in most cases it prohibited by the company who issue the machine due to the high instance of fraud.

You made a mistake, Wal-mart offered you more than fair resolution.

You should have taken the cash and gone to the bank to do a deposit.

Desputing the charges will be considered Fraud. Wal-Mart will press charges.


Every retail store I can think of issues cash for debit card transactions :roll and I wouldnt recommend disputing the charge with your bank as an unauthorized charge that is simply no true. Whether u meant to or not, you authorized it when u entered you pin.

You might get in trouble for fraud if you do that, not to mention they do have the entire thing on camera.

Whats the big deal, take the cash and put it in your bank account, it was your fault after all. :roll


Also say you are and your boyfriend decided to have sexual intercourse, and the condom broke are you going to sue Latex Condoms and expect them to support your child?


Also keep your legs crossed. The people in Chardon Ohio, are already supporting you.

No need to support your kid. However I bet you don't take my advice and spread your legs.


So you are mad because you had to pay for food instead of using your ebt card? Be happy you get free food.

You should have taken the cash and deposited in the bank. You just sound lazy and stubborn.


This is not unauthorized, just someone uneducated person on EBT who cannot read and realize that she was using her debit card rather than her EBT card which everyone in your state pays for.


Isn't EBT for those who are too lazy to get a job. Quit whining about your mistake. If you were not lazy you would double check to see which card you used.


I should be coming after YOU for stealing out my paycheck.

The amount you get per month on EBT should be linked to an IQ score - which in your case sounds like $5.91 a month.


you technically bought groceries with your debit card but you say walmart stole your money? um alright then. I understand why you're annoyed but you should have just taken the cash return and deposited it in your bank, lazy ***.


AGREED - you can't be pissed at other people or companies for your own mistakes. Walmart didn't steal your money, you kept the product you bought. Man-up and take responsibility for your own ineptness.


It's your mistake...WalMart is the best retailer in our country. Take responsibility - own it!


Sorry, but you sound like a stubborn ***. It was your mistake in the first place to use the wrong card. It would have taken WAY less time and WAY less work than just getting your cash back and driving to an ATM and depositing the cash back into your bank account.

Instead you actually went to call your bank, and then had to call walmart and speak to several different people and still didn't get what you wanted.

The fault is yours for being so stubborn, and expecting every place to bend over backwards to your every request just because you shop there. It was your mistake, so own up to it.