Virginia Beach, Virginia
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I'm very irritated because yesterday Sunday 14 2016 I went to buy groceries to a Walmart in Virginia Beach, store #02529, and when I got home I found out that the cashier charge for one of the items two times. I tried to call walmart but anyone answer the phone.

I'm very disappointed, horrible costumer service. Now I can't do anything to get my money back because how can I prove that I just bought one item and they charge me for two, (the cashier scan the same item two times) the only thing I can do is tell everyone I know what happened to me and advice them to be aware with this store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Look at your receipt it shows the operator number on there. Where it says OP# .

Call that same Walmart and let them know what happen give them that operator number and they should be able to fix it. They have a clip board on all their cashiers operator numbers. mine used to be 239.

If the item is very cheap they wouldn't mind returning it but if that item cost a lot they will go to AP office and back track the time and date shown on your receipt. Hope i helped :)


If you were one of the people that you told about this experience I would ask why you did not check the receipt before you leave. Everyone makes mistakes, even you, do. (points to at least ten spelling and grammar mistakes you have made.)


I didn't check the receipt because I didn't imagine that would happen to me, and of course everyone makes mistakes. And absolutely I have to make mistakes on English grammar, English is my second language.

I just want my money back because I'm a hard worker I live on a budget and I have a big family to Suport.

You must work for Walmart and are trying to ridiculizeme about my English grammar. Definitely I won't come back to Walmart and I'm going to check my receipt before leave any other store.


They must be employed there. First insulting you of your grammar isn't the issue here or making mistakes on your part.

The problem you complained about is very common with Walmart. I have been going to the one nearest to my home since it opened it's doors. I have seen so many problems with keeping items in order, and stocked. Making my shopping experience unpleasant.

Or your lucky if you can find a employee when needed. I too have been charged double on items. More times than I wish to count.The last thing I want to do is stand there checking a long list of items for mistakes. I shouldn't have to.

I have caught many errors while still there or had to go out of my way to go back to the store. Only to stand there at customer service to have it corrected. Taking up more of my time. Speaking on behalf of many customers.

Our time is valuable.

We prefer getting to our next destination or getting home to our families. Its no mistake if you are spending hundreds of dollars of your hard earned money in this store, and you can't trust the employees to be well trained, experienced, and accurate scanning items correctly.