Owasso, Oklahoma
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My vehicle was vandelized in November of 2009 and my identification, checks, and other various items were stolen. The thieves went on a shopping spree in many stores on my dime.

To give a background the stores were Target, Home Depot, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Old Navy, and of course, Wal-Mart. Most of the stores did not give me any problem about removing the charges. For instance, Target called and all I had to do was give the police report number and they removed the charge and it was over. a couple of the other business were a little more strenuous and wanted the police report, and a few other things that I can't remember but I could readily get and it was done.

Wal-mart allowed these thieves to write multiple checks for over 400 dollars on an out of state license, which I couldn't do on my own checks with my own ID. Secondly, they send the bills to a collection agency and comtinuously send me the clean up bills and want me to pay something that I didn't get the benefit of because my bank paid it at first but once I disputed it and they finally got the checks and compared the signatures to my years of signatures because oh yes wal-mart, I've been banking with them for years, my bank was like, there is absolutely no way I wrote those checks and got my license numbe wrong and my birthday wrong on some of the checks. I guess wal-mart should probably screen their cashiers better. I believe that I should pay MY bills, not someone else's.

And Wal-mart shouldn't expect the working people to pay for their mistakes. If they start charging those cashiers that mess up like this, those individuals will stop robbing others and do thier jobs correctly.

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Actually it's probably that they don't care. It's not just Walmart either.

They might ask for a license number but not actually ask to see the license.

I actually had a Foodmart cashier refuse my ID. There are cashiers who actually accept forged checks after witnessing the forgery.


I live in Maryland and apparently someone who lived in Michigan had our credit card number and spend over $300 in the Walmart. When I called the walmart to ask whether or not they check id I was straight up told No, by Gail the Assistant Manager of the Woodhaven Walmart Store.

She told me that there was nothing they can do, to call my credit card company. What in the ***?????

Why is walmart not held responsible for BREAKING THE LAW?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! *** A WALMART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wal-Mart is going all out to help thieves! I had my checks stolen 4 days ago and immediatly closed the account but leave it to these idiots to let 500+ dollars worth of items to be bought with my checks because they are to *** to check id.

No I won't pay for thier empty headed mistakes. I'm not sure which is worse, a thief or a walmart cashier, both seem to be oxygen thieves at this point.