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i forgot my wallet for 1 minute when i came back to the bathroom stall a worker who was using the same bathroom i left my wallet in had it on her hands and she told me that she just saw it there and was going to put it in the lost or found or something like that. after i left to check on it 40 dollars where missing and thank god she didnt see the letter with my rent money or i would had flipped out if she took it.

i didnt want to make a scene so I just left. its obviously not her money especially when it clearly has an owner, there is a wallet with ID!!. it would have been ok if she had seen 20$ dollars with no identification of who the owner could be and kept it, but she opened my wallet and looked though it and took my money knowing fully that it had an owner, somebody should fire that woman. I was just so disappointed, people really cant let their guard down, this traumatized me as it almost left me homeless, never going to use a bathroom again anywhere!!

that way I will never forget my wallet again because clearly people today dont even think of how much that person had to work for that little amount of money. workers shouldnt be like that.

Reason of review: not respecting customers personal belongings.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Coward. Yes, you.

A WalMart employee steals money from your wallet and you say and do nothing.

Complaining here does nothing. If you cannot defend yourself and/or your property, then what good does it do to post on this site?


Anyone could have taken your wallet, you cannot accuse without proof, great way to get sued.


i found the money anyeay, i made mistake, but the employee was black, i am not racist or anything but many blacks steal in our area for drugs that is why i think it was her.


Any employee of any store or ANY business should NEVER steal, and to the comment about accusing the employee, maybe Wal-Mart should be sued for hiring such incompetent employees, or management who don't train these employees correctly... No ONE should steal, people work hard for their money.

Wake up world, treat others as you would be treated!!! And employees who steal should BE fired no question. What happened to honest, good people, what has this world come too ? To all people, be honest and we wouldn't have these ridiculous discussions

And to the comment about not going when you have too, do not let these idiots win you go when you have to just watch your surroundings.

NO more thieves.

And quit defending these idiots who steal

Oh karma does come around... Remember that !


I don't think you understood what you read. Like she said, the OP cannot just blame the worker without proof.

They cannot be sued for hiring someone that is incompetent. Besides most of these people are high school students looking for money to pay for college or clothing for themselves that their parents refuse to buy. She just assumes the employee stole their money. She is basically stereotyping a person based on where they work.

It could have been another customer, besides if you read the update you would see that she found the money later on and just assumed the employee stole because she is black. If you work say in a bank, and I said you stole money for me should you be fired without an investigation. What if you were innocent?

She is not defending people who steal, and before you call anyone idiots read the whole reply and make sense of it. My guess is you are a disgruntled employee of Walmart or other retail place?


Ummm. I think you forgot to sign off before making your comment...to yourself.

Anyway, there's no way to know if the worker was the first person to find the wallet, and there's no way to know of there really was $40 in the first place. People are always quick to point fingers, and walmart employees seem to be an easy target as scape goats.