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Wal mart ran out of tv's, my niece stood in line for at least an hour and a half or more. She was given a voucher with 2 sets of instructions and told to go online to order the tv by 2am.

My niece noticed some of the customers had a different voucher. She continued to shop, and returned giving me a one hour guarantee voucher. One set of instructions said to order online by 2am; whilethe other instructions said to order online by Dec. 1.

Found out later from my sister that she ran across the same problem at Wal mart in Houston, Tx, but as she wad leaving she overheard a wal mart worker telling someone else that if they had a regular voucher they could go online and order tv; if they had a photo copy of voucher, she would have to pay in store and then order the tv online using the gift card and receipt provided at checkout. Calledthe 1 800 number to explain what happened and didn't get any help. Was told to go back seemed Wal mart and get a receipt. I called the Ruston, seemed LA Wal mart and explained what the worker told my niece to a manager there named Josh; who seemed very unconcerned, and told me that if i had a photo copy, anyone could have made copies and tried to get tv's; if i didn' t have a receipt then i do not have a tv.

I asked for his name, and at first he didn't tell me. After asking again he finally said his name was Josh. Didn't give a last name, didn't apologize or try to make me feel better about the situation. Very unhappy with Wal mart right now.

Can't believe what kind of people they have running their stores. The past 2 weeks i've probally spent over $500 at Wal mart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Waleska, Georgia, United States #753739

That is not the way those work. You have to get to a register with the voucher by 2 am and pay.

Then you have until December first to go online and order the tv. I have seen the vouchers and it is explained very clearly.

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